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Just saw this on another site and figured some of y'all may be interested?


 Sams is teaming up w/ KCBS for comp circut.

 Will be local / regional and national final comp. Pay out looks pretty good.

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Very cool that they have stepped up and joined in the fun

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I signed the team up for the Colorado event.  I see I will be going up against bbally  biggrin.gif   Look forward to meeting him.

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It looks pretty darn good to me but there's nothing near me. Real Bummer

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Signed up for Loveland so the competition guys have a team to chew up and spit out!icon_mrgreen.gif


Caterering does not lend itself to perfect barbeque.  Don't get me wrong we make great barbeque, but the attention to detail in the comp circuit not something I am used too.

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With the teams on that list I expect to get chewed up as well, but I will enjoy every minute of it.  

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Same here I go to have  good time and I always do!

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