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About to fire up my smoker for the first time.

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Hello family, decided that i would try my new smoker out today. Thimk i'm going to start simple with some chicken and ribs. does anybody have any tips for me.






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Good luck and have a great day!!






Take a look at the wiki section and the search tool for tons of info!!

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Just enjoy and don't panic, it'll all come together!  Good Luck!


And don't forget the most important thing, the Qview! hehe  beercheer.gif

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Has it been seasoned already?

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somewhat, it still has a few small rust spots. im hoping that they go away after my first cooking

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I would get the rust out of there then spray it down with oil, Pam or what ever and then season it again.

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Ditto X2

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Yep - I would season it good then start cooking!


Take your time, enjoy the process, don't forget to remove the membrane on the ribs...

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could you tell me the correct way to season my smoker step by step. please

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and how do i get the rust off.

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How bad is the rust? It is just some surface rust or is it actually rusted through? If it's just some surface rust I would take a grinder, steel wool or a wire brush and get it off of the smoker. It all depends on how bad the rust is. One the rust is gone then spray the inside of the smoker and racks with Pam or Olive Oil and fire up the smoker and apply smoke to the rig. If it was your first time using it I would usually slowly bring up the temps to make sure to burn out all of the oils that may be in there and to also make sure you don't burn off any paint or anything but if the smoker has been used before I would normally just spray it and then run it for a few hours then throw your meat on. People probably have more in-depth processes so lets see what they say.

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The ribs should be ok if your using the 3-2-1 method, or something close to it. On the chicken, be sure and cook by internal temp using a meat probe. It's all good my friend. 

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the rust is not that bad,its just in certain small spots

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Good luck for you are in good hands here.

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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.

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