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I'd say just pick a date and do it, then see who shows up. If you can get a nice privately owned place then no reservations needed, but the hassle is when people have to commit to a place to stay, etc.  Good luck and I hope if goes...maybe I'll fly back for it.



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LOL---Is the snow all gone in that winter wonderland???




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Lets start planning one for next year. What time should we have it? I was thinking about May?



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I'am in, with this much notice for next year I think everyone could plan better. also I think Central to Southern MN.  would be better than Northern MN.

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well we could start talking about next year now lol ?

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I would go still this coldest outdoor temp. smoke so far has been 10, probably 0 with the wind chill. We love the cold out here in southeastern South Dakota!
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Mackenthun's Fine Foods in Waconia, MN is hosting our 10th Annual Rib Fest Competition July 20th 2013. 


Space is limited, register now, it's filling up! 

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I would be interested if anyone still wanted to get this going, I'm about 15 minutes from Dubuque IA in Wisconsin, willing to drive a little ways!

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15 minutes from Dubuque puts you in no man's land Wisconsin.

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This ever happen?
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ya sounds good I am from nd

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Originally Posted by rbranstner View Post

I was going through some of the threads on all of the gatherings that the SMF members put on around the US and was kind of jealous and was wondering if anyone was interested in getting something going around this neck of the woods. Just wanted to throw the idea out there and see if there was any interest. There are quite a few members around the upper Midwest so if you are interested post something here.

Iam in ! Maybe a new SMF group needs to be generated for us up in this tri state area? :33:   

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