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I am in the early stages of my freezer conversion and I am intending on including a fan in the box in order to circulate the heat and create an even cooking temperature throughout the box. My plans at the moment are calling for my heat element to be in a cavity at the top of the box surrounding the fan. I've looked at a lot of commercial units and many of them have this in their design.

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i think im going to put mine in the top vent to draw the smoke from my smoke box and circuate air inside the main chamber.  i'm going to wire it to a variable speed dial.  i am probably only going to use it for cold smoking and dehydrating.  i finally got my stainless so the build will start next weekend!!!

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I'll have pics up this w/e, gonna smoke up a batch of wings for daytona sunday and while at it might as well put some ribs in hot box.

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Here's a few shots of a fan install on one of my smokers. I picked this fan up at a recycle store for next to nothing.

The fan is a 110v unit. 4 blade fan on a somewhat longer than "normal" shaft.

The shroud is for motor weather protection.


I made a damper to reduce the outside air intake for circulating while hot smoking.


This picture is with the damper OPEN. The blades are aluminum and visible thru the screen.

Smoker Fan Open.jpg



Damper Closed to reduce outside air.

Smoker Fan Closed.jpg


Looking down on the fan motor cover, fan shroud and air deflector. the deflector is tilted to  direct the

air to a 1 o'clock position. The bottom of the shroud has an opening to allow air in to the fan blades when the outside air damper is closed.


Smoker Fan Deflector.jpg



It ain't pretty but I works really well.

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