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Ok we are at the 7 am point suns up, still smokin!! After a few feeds of chip and logsa68908c8-1a82-e780.jpga68908c8-1aaf-eb13.jpg[IMG] Will probe for internal temp in a hour to see where we are at. , lol
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Welcome to SMF - glad to have you here with us - for a first smoker that Lang is going to be amazing. Might as well start with the best  

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Coming up on the 12 hr mark, internals holding at 170*~178*ish, I'm going to push it to 195~200, so maybe another 2 + hrs...lola68908c8-4c6a-e03e.jpg
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Welcome to SMF.  You will love the Lang.  Lots of Lang owners here so plenty of support. 

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What happened to "bucktailer"?



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Dunno Bear, I guess skull didn't know where to post.


Skull that's a mighty good looking butt your smoking there, now start your own thread, so we can see your  finish.


Buck, congrats on the new Lang.

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