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First Brisket (Qview)

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Tried my hand at smoking brisket this weekend as I had part of one from a portion of cow I ordered a while back. Put a rub on it and set it in the smoker at 225F for 7 hours with apple juice in the water pan and sprayed it occasionally with pineapple juice. Then wrapped it in foil with a little apple juice for 2.5 hours. Then let it take a little more smoke for .5 hours before pulling it.  Turned out pretty well I believe as it was gone by the end of the night and no one complained icon_biggrin.gif.





End result was good but I think it could have been a little more juicy as well maybe I let it go to long and should have pulled it earlier? However the way the day was wasn't home much to watch it. Good news is I have another one so well try again.

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Looks good... Any pictures of it sliced?...

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No pics of it sliced I left my camera at home and we took it to some friends house for dinner. Next time ill get one or two!

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Most of us don't put it back on the smoker after we foil them, maybe that's what dried it out. 

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First off congrats one your first brisket smoke and it look pretty good to. Now I have one question. Did or do you have a probe thermo meter??? You will hear this alot here in the very near future. We smoke by temp not time. In your explanation of your smoke I heard alot about time and nothing about temp. So the way we smoke a brisket here is put it into a smoker that about 230°to 250° till it gets around 165° internal temp. Then you will put it into some heavy duty foil with some spritzing liquid and then put it back into the smoke till it reaches 195° (for slicing) or 205° for pulling. then we put it into a dry cooler for at least an hour but more if you need. Then serve. It will be tender and really moist to. So I would recommend that you sign up for the E-course. It's free and it will give you alot of the basic knowledge that you will need to smoke just about anything. So That's my couple of pennies.

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Thanks for the advice!  I am planning on trying another one this weekend I will post pictures and try monitoring the temperature.

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Take Mark's advice he's right on. You can't miss if you do it that way.

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I rub mine and smoke them at 225⁰ until I have an internal temp of 195⁰.

Then I foil and cooler for an hour or so, sometimes with AJ or beef broth sometimes not.

Either way I have never had a dry one.

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Oh man no sliced money shot. Darn. Looks good.

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