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No eMails

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I am not getting any emails from my subscribed threads. I have it set for instant notification but nothing shows up.confused.gif  John

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Comcast is really bad about sending good email to the spam filter.. here's some instructions for making sure you get email from us:


Check to see if you have any of your email restriction settings turned on, as they may be blocking our e-mail from reaching you. Check this, and then whitelist us, by:

    * Signing in to Comcast Webmail, and selecting ‘Preferences’ from the left menu
    * Selecting ‘Restrict Incoming Email’ from the ‘Preferences’ list
    * Selecting ‘Yes’ to Enable Email Controls
    * Select ‘Allow email from addresses listed below’
    * Entering our e-mail addresses, and clicking “Add”


Here are the email addresses that you need to add:






You may also be able to just add "smokingmeatforums.com" as a whitelisted domain and if so, that is your best bet.


Let me know if I can help further with this.

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