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Turkey question

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I got a 9.5 lb turkey given to me to smoke tommorrow. I didn't realize it's just the breast. The legs, thighs, and wings are cut off. Kind of disappointed cause that's my favorite part!


Anyway, what should I use for time estimates? I have some Steeler fans coming over tommorrow and I want to have it ready by 4.


I personally hate the Steelers so I might poison the food. My 2 favorite teams are the Browns and who ever plays Pittsburgh.


Anyway, thanks in advance for the help!

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i would think it would still be 1-1.5 hrs per pound.As far as pittsburgh goes,i'm with you i hate pittsburgh.But i'm a buffalo bills fans so........ yeah i said bills fan LOL

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Are you brining it tonight???

Lots of info here. Check the WIKIs and search tool.

 Good luck!



Here's how I did one. 

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Used to be a Bills fan when we lived in NY, even with the 'almost' SB tries, lol!  Temp is the true guide; it's best to start early then warm it up as necessary.  Just did two 16 lb. turkeys and it took 12 hours to get to 157° - 160° at 230°.  One or two, even 6 it wouldn't make much difference, considering the size of my smokehouse.

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dependng on yer smoker it shouldn't take more than 4 hrs @ 275............but what do i know?

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes I have it brining right now. I ordered some spices from My Spice Sage back in Nov and the sent me a free 16 oz pack of turkey brine. It smells great so I'll find out tommorrow if it is.


I'm also gonna do some chicken quarters in my own brine just in case.

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