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Hi Mike, Its me again,

I just did a Bing search and found there is a Saars Market Place store in Seattle at 900 Rainier ave. so. Seattle, wa.  Phone # 206-725-0300


Is that close enough for you to get to once in a while?


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Not really. I'll stick with C&C. I believe most grocery stores receive their bellies frozen anyway. Same with ribs.

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See all the past posts for belly prices.


Does anyone have some current prices??


I going to try bacon for the first time ))





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$2.45 yesterday

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Has anyone tried pork shoulder/butt instead of belly and if so how's it come out??


They are both fatty and I can get pork butts anywhere.





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Originally Posted by Smoker21 View Post

Has anyone tried pork shoulder/butt instead of belly and if so how's it come out??


They are both fatty and I can get pork butts anywhere.






Yup that's buckboard bacon not belly bacon but it can be very good as well. There are lots of threads on here if you do a quick search...

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You guys are really lucky to buy green pork belly cheaply.

Here in Australia we pay around $ 10-12.00 per kilo if you are lucky. All these lunatic high end TV cooking shows are the cause for the inflated prices here.

We now pay $ 8.50 per kilo for lamb shanks, I used to get them for nothing for my hunting dogs. Even pigs trotters cost a small fortune.

I don't buy belly anymore as pork fore-quarter and hind legs are on special for $ 2.99 per kilo every 2 month. Try to explain that!!



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I scored a skin off belly this week from a butcher for $1.65! Woohoo! It's curing right now :)
Normally I pay 2.59 or so.
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Thanks Smoking B.


Fresh belly prices around here seem to be about $4.00 a pound and I can get pork shoulder/butt for less than half that so I'll to give it a try.



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 Here IN El Paso, Texas last week $1.70 # in case lots, three sides, 39.6 #.


Tom J

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I bought an 8# belly for 2.79 a pound from a mexican meat market here about a week ago. Another slaughterhouse had them for 2.39 a pound but were sold out before I got there. Both places I had to drive about 25 miles to get to.
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Smoker 21


I have read a lot about using pork butts for bacon, all with great success.


Tom J

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I have bought whole fore quarters and used part of it for bacon, cut about 1 1/2" to 2"thick.  Whole forequarter cost here on special $ 2.99 a kilo. Kept the pork butts and minced the rest for sausages.

Pork bellies are too expensive here, up to $ 15.99 kilo thanks to some of these idiot cooking shows.


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My local restaurant depot was $1.69 this past week.

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I don't buy pork bellies anymore, Backlegs and whole forequarters sell now for between $2.99-$3.99 kilo. I cut slabs off them to smoke as bacon now.

Nobody complained yet!!!!!



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I was looking forward to making bacon, found my butcher want @4 bucks a pound with the rind on. Started wondering why they will charge me as much or more than a pound of processed and packaged bacon. Seems the bellies should be more affordable without the labor and materials of processing them into bacon. Odd.

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The cost of pork bellies have increased a lot due to all the Chefs on TV. Buy a whole fore-quarter or butts and cut slabs of the outside with the rind on. They smoke very well.

I will never be using belly pork ever again for bacon.

Cheers Mate,


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See above for buck board bacon. It's getting too warm to do a decent cold smoke now anyway.

Next pork butt I thaw out, I will slice off the top, about 2" below the fat layer, and brine for more bbb. I have yet to try a hot smoke on bacon, and that might be a cheap way of experimenting.

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The only "reasonable" place near Asheville, NC is M&M Freezer Locker in Hendersonville.  A couple of weeks ago I bought one almost 12 lb for $2.59/lb.  Our local "upscale" Chop Shop has local "heritage breed" belly for about $6.50/lb.  A little too steep for me, but better than their $12.00/lb in house cured bacon.

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I can get bellies for 2.39 - 2.99 per pound.

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