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First try at summer sausage

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Just got a Master Forge double door propane smoker. Seasoned it, now have 20 lbs of venison summer sausage cooking on it.  I used the High Mt Summer Sausage Kit.  I am following the directions on the package.  Any suggestions that might help me ? I will post pics of the finished product.Photo01011008_1.jpg

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What temp are you go smoking them at and what is your target finish temp?

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150 for one hour with no smoke - 160 for an hour with smoke - then 180 till internal temp of 150. Does this sound right ?

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The directions did not say anything about the water pan -  I am using it for this project - Is this right or do I need to take the water pan out ?     Thanks 

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I have seen some recipes call for an ice water bath as soon as the sausage is done.  Is this necessary and what does this do to the sausage?

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 The ice bath stops the cooking process.the water pan just helps keep the temps stable.

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Thanks - I will post pics of finished product in the morning and report on taste.

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Looks good, I have been making SS using the High B&P and get some high temp cheese for my last batch.


I like the way you hung your sausages, I have been laying mine on the rack and next batch I will hang, sometimes

the ends get little burned but not a big deal



I get mine to 165 deg and then give them an ice bath and refrigerate .


Next day I will vacum seal all but one log, I do cut most of the logs in half.


I gave several logs away as Christmas gifts and folks love them


One thing I never tried is heating them up before you eat it, friend of mine slices them up and nukes em for about 30-40 seconds so I tried that

and it really seems to bring the flavor out even more.



Good luck and let us know how you like them, I kept having bunch of deer burger left over each year and this is a great way to use it up

and I keep several logs in the freezer and then take them out and we munch on it for couple of days.


I keep looking at doing my own seasoning but the kits are so much easier and work great but if you like cheese get some of the high temp cheese for a batch

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Okay - It came out great. Got the internal temp to 160 after 8 hrs, Ice water bath then the refriderator. Will cut and freeze today.  Next time I will add jalapenos and cheese.  I finished early enough that I did some snack stix, they came out great also.  See pics.   Tonight I will put some jerky on the smoker and see how that comes out.    Thanks for the helpPhoto01012040.jpgPhoto01012156.jpg

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looks good,

I will be doing about 60# of summer sausage, salami and sticks tomorrow

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All looks real good!


I go to at least 160˚ too.

That way if one or two spots are a few degrees lower than the rest---no problem.



Great job,


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Everything looks great to me. I have used that Hi mountian kit before and it produces some mighty find summer sausage too. I like it alot.

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