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Snow Goose Jerky

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Well I finally got around to making up the snow goose my brother shot for me last spring out in western ND. I ended up with 10 lbs of meat and instead of making my own seasoning (which I'm doing next time for sure) I just went to Gander Mountain and picked up three packages of LEM Hot Jerky seasoning/cure. This was the first time I have ever made jerky by grinding the meat using a jerky gun. I normally use my slicer but the snow goose breasts are so small that grinding was easier. Well one grind and a mix of the seasoning and a rest over night in the walk in cooler (aka the garage) I loaded up the jerky gun and went to work. I have a Nesco Dehydrator with six racks and it took three loads at around 4-5 hours a load so it was a full days work. I ended up with 12 zip lock bags full of jerky when it was all said and done. Here is the finished product. I though I took pictures of the grinding and jerky gunning but I guess not. Some of them I covered in black pepper and some with red pepper and some plain just to see what I liked better.





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Well it sure does look good in those baggies. I wish I could have seen more of the process but I'll wait till next year. It's ok i'll be fine and maybe I'll look up Snow Goose in the jerky bible and I'll see some pictures there.............icon_sad.gif

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