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Was bored at work today...

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So I took some fresh ground turkey that had went out of date and made some Italian turkey sausage.

I made 2 small naked fatties, and some meatballs.  I wrapped some of the meatballs with some good Daisyfield bacon.

Check out some pics...







I got the UDS all loaded with half a basket of kingsford comp. briqs and chunks of cherry wood

Both racks filled up.




It was cold and blowing from the north(off Lake Erie)today so I had to wrap the top of the drum with some old towels to keep the heat in. Sorry forgot to get a pic of that. It was kinda cool my UDS had a stocking cap on.

And heres the money shots...







Thanks for watching



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Looks delicious!

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Wish I could be that bored at work. They say a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work? not for you my friend....... Thanks for the q. Just got the power back on due to our north carolina blizzard. Its been off since 10am. now you made me hungry.........

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Nice way to deal with the boredom!  Looks tasty!!

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How much wieght do you gain from being bored at work ?

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Looking good!!! 


I'm thinking we need a winter smoker moment pic contest.

A UDS with a stocking hat, now thats pretty cool. Since I was looking for a 4X winter army coat for my UDS. Between the two of us we would have it going on.

Only thing better would be the winter cloths on the drum and a pic of you sitting under the patio heater in shorts.   HEHEHE   or not. I say not since it was on the chilly side here today and I'm all the way down in MO.


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Looks good Mark beercheer.gif

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I might need a career change, when I get bored at work my forehead usually smacks the computer monitor!  LOL


Great looking eats there!  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Originally Posted by cycletrash View Post

How much wieght do you gain from being bored at work ?

Too much!  Thats why I went healthy and used Ground Turkey...the bacon was used to make sure it was a balanced meal...PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Don't want to lose too much wieght too fast...very unhealthy!  ROTF.gif


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Great looking vittles, you old SOB !


So that's what boredom looks like?!?! icon_rolleyes.gif




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SOB rocks it again. Great post man, it is  6:30 AM and now I am starvin drool.gif

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Great looking Q there. I think I need a job profession change. haha

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Great Q! Great job!

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Darn, I get bored and it's broom time. PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif

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