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Duck jerky in my new MES30"

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Sooo much better than in the oven!


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Looking good!!!

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Please enlighten me on how you do this.  I LOVE to shoot ducks, and HATE to eat them.  I was taught to never kill what you won't eat so I suffer through a lot of bacon wrapped duck breast and gumbo (the only two satisfactory ways I've found to eat them.)  Hook me up with your recipe please.

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Now your jerky sounds and looks good and I think that you need to send some of that down south for a second opinion thou.

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Agree'd Smoke, pisses me off to see people waste meat and animals.


Sure, Id send ya some if you want, haha.


Truth be told, its pretty easy really. I cheat and just use store bought jerky stuff, cut the duck breasts into layers, season them overnight, smoke them till they get to 160* with some sort of temp checker, and I used apple chips this time, then back it off to 150 for a couple hours. You can simply cook it in the oven too, with a dab of liquid smoke, but tastes way better with the real smoke!  Everyone at work keeps eating it all!


Pic of jerky making boxes and duck marinading.


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Great job

LOOKS good mmmmmmmm

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