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Two "Rookie" questions about 3-2-1

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Hi - I'm new to this and have two rookie questions - appreciate the help and happy holidays!


1)  I'm more of a fan of Baby-Back ribs - what do I need to change to use this method for baby backs (or is there a better method for fall off the bone ribs)?


2)  Should I use indirect heat or direct heat when using 3-2-1?


Thanks again!

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What equipment are you running?

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The times for Baby Backs are 2-2-1 and indirect would be better you want cooker temps of about 225

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Don't forget to remove that membrane & of course the qview

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Pineywoods is right on. Don't forget the Q-view

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I have the BGE - i'll bite-  what's a q-view?

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Originally Posted by elmcityboy View Post

I have the BGE - i'll bite-  what's a q-view?

 Qview = Pics

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Ribs you want low and slow, let the smoker do the work.

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2-2-1 @ 225 degrees. Can't miss with this & like realtorterry says "Don't forget to remove the membrane".

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I agree with smokinAl... for baby backs I would go 2-2-1 and maybe even a 2-1-1 . Baby backs cook a whole lot faster than spares do.

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If you want the meat to fall off the bone then you have to use foil....I just did some baby back ribs last week and didn't use foil and smoked them for 5 hours, they turned out great but didn't fall off the bone which was fine because they were for a work Christmas Party!

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Thanks, - we tried to find some nice racks but failed...instead we went with a Brisket and Butt to feed the family.  Both came out great as I experiemented with smoke (6), wrap (6) and sit for 30 mins, then pull/slice...juicy and awesome!  Enjoy the q-view and Happybrisket.jpgbutt.bmp New Year!!!

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