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Pork Butt times 2

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So I am running my first smoke with my brand new Party Gator from Gator Pits.


Here are a few pics as it is progressing. I woke up late and did not put them on until 830am.

 More to come.



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Nice looking pit. I would love to own one of those.

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I am always looking at those Gator Pits here in Houston.  Good pits if you ask me and a good price too.

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I love the pit very nice and the Butts look great.

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Very nice!

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Thanks...just trying it out today for the first time. Keeps temp real well so far. 8 hours in Butts are at 150 degrees so far. I will post some more pics when they are ready to pull out. The Gator is my first offset smoker....well hell my first smoker outside of a bullet cheapo smoker.

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Well I commiited the smoker sin...let the temp drop on a GATOR ...user error...and could not bring it temp back up.... I pulled the two butts at 160 and hung my head as I headed for the kitchen and popped them in the over to bring them to 200...I failed on my first smoke with the GATOR,,,,,,,, Its almost midnight in AZ. What a ROOKIE  

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