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holding time?

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I've been looking into cooking my first fatty for a company potluck im having friday, was thinking about the supreme pizza one like in this thread just one question how long can I really hold them for? was thinking of wrapping it in foil and a towel in a cooler but realistically would it hold for 4-5hrs? also would there be problems with food poisoning etc?

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if you wrap it in heavy foil  and then atowel anplace i a small ice chest  packed w more towels you may make 5 hours. we all do this w/ butts and briskets and they will go 5 hours w/ no problem. but they are cooked to 200° where a fattie will only be around 160°-165°.

 Plug your remote thermo into it after you foil. that way you can monitor the temp.

 If it gets to low you can reheat in the foil.

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I have kept food hot for 5+ hours with double foil wrapped in towels in a cooler without any issues. But the only think I worry about with your fatty's is if you keep them in there to long your bacon may get all soggy depending on how much juice comes out of them. I guess it would probably depend on what you stuff them.

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thats kind of the problem i couldnt reheat only microwaves around here and wouldnt microwaves make the bacon rubbery?

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Originally Posted by wafflestomper View Post

that's kind of the problem i couldn't reheat only microwaves around here and wouldn't microwaves make the bacon rubbery?

I use a microwave all the time when heating my fatty's. I usually throw whats ever left over in the fridge and leave it whole then slice off a piece for breakfast. I throw it in the microwave with some cheese then throw it on a piece of toast. Great stuff.

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If you only have a microwave then you have to re-heat with that. Now I would like Bob (Eman) said and pack the cooler with some towels and then you can just take it with you to work and you shoulkd be able to serve them straight fro the cooler. So that should do you and for us don't forget the Q-view.

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