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BS Breasts and my first ABTs

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So yesterday decided i needed to do something with these BS chicken breasts, but didn't want to do just meat so I decided to do a few ABTs since I have never done them, here are some pre-smoker pics.  The chicken was in brine overnight then I wrapped the tree small ones with bacon and put in the smoker at 250-275, with the rack of ABTs right above.  Smoked with cherry wood.IMG00064-20101114-1243.jpgIMG00063-20101114-1242.jpg

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Before pics look good, wheres the after one lol

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Looks like you;re off to a great start. It';s all good my friend.

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I just posted the qview for the ABTs in the ABT sticky, but I can post it with the chicken right now.  Just cut a little taste off the breasts and they are amazing, great flavor and juicy, i should have put  rub on them but I wanted to try it this way first I guess.  The ABTs are great as well.IMG00066-20101114-1427.jpgIMG00065-20101114-1426.jpg

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all looking very pretty! How long did the chicken take?

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The chicken took about an hour and a half maybe two.

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Looks great. I bet you were happy to run the smoker for those.

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I like them both now thats a great meal in my eyes. The chicken looks awesome and you just can't go wrong with the Abt's.

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