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4 Racks of BB's on my new FE

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I loaded the hopper full just to get a sense of how many pellets I will burn/hour.  Won't need anywhere near 20lbs.  Using Hickory today.



3 racks with apple rub and 1 with a commercial rub.  2 for me 2 to give away.



Added a vent cap this morning and have the controller set at 224 with the ribs loaded and rolling along.



Thanks for checking it out, I'm kinda geeked to play around with it today.  Been busy and haven't had a chance to really let it run.

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Looks like ya off to a good start.

 I keep looking at them pellets and thinking how much they look like rabbit chow.

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It would be a h@!! of a note to mix them up!

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Looks like a good day will be had there Trent. Yes rabbit pellets would not be good.

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So I have had this issue with my other Vertical smoker...what to do about grease dripping from the rack of BB's above onto the one below?  Don't care for the black spots that it leaves on the meat.

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Now it looks like you are off to a great start. Now the dripping grease I can't help you with that one.

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Looking forward to seeing them done

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These are what I'm talking about, not a big deal, just doesn't help presentation.




The top two






I'm about a 1/2 hour from sticking them into a hot cooler.  No foil or spritz today, just RUB and smoke. 

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Last shot for this thread


No Sauce, No foil...this time.



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I haven't noticed any dripping problem like yours.  Is there a lot of sugar in your rub? I'm wondering if it's the main culprit in your drip.

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I don't have a FE, but I have noticed black drippins comin out of the bones on my ribs. Not shure if it's the marrow or what! If you lay them on foil you are loosing half of your smokin area, Maybe someone has a solution to this problem! I'm interested in how you stop the dripping on the meat below also!

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Yep, very high amount of sugars!  It's not related to the FE, I have the same problem in my Stumps.  Not a big deal just more curious how others dealt with this issue, I'm sure it's a combination of the rendering and rub.

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Great looking ribs. Would you mind sharing what's in your apple rub. Never used one before.



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nice lookin ribs and cooker!!!!!

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Carperride thanks for the info on the rub.

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