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where to find flavored wood

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I live on long island NY and I was wondering if somebody knew of a store that I can buy different flavored woods  local to my house. I just ordered apple and peach flavored wood chips over the internet and it was 9.00 a bag plus12.00 shipping.Its a waste of money.I can only find mesquite and hickory in all the local stores.Any help would be appreciated.

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Lowe's ,Home Depot ,Walmart Ace Hardware and check Yellow pages for BBQ supplies

should carry chips

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If you are ordering chips, consider ordering an A MAZE N SMOKER and using sawdust. Great product and a wide variety of sawdust with very resonable shipping

Here is the link

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im on long island too.  whereabouts are you?


i see different flavors at home depot and lowes all the time

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Just bought a large bag of cherry at home depot in east meadow did ribs last week with it yum!!!JACK DANIELS wood chips work very nicely also ws mart sells that and a pretty good variety of smoker woods
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