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How to cook a 6lb brisket? (on a 30"MES.)

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Well, I told my dad I got a smoker.


He got a 15lb brisket.



So I am going to cut it down to a 6lb piece.



15hr cook time, @ 225f.


Foil it up at 10hr mark?


What else should I try, this will be my first on a smoker.



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Don't go by time, go by temp.  Foil up at 160 degrees Internal temp, then take up to 190 and you should end up with a beauty piece of beef!!  Good luck and welcome to the addiction!! Ohh ya, and take some pics so we can see how it turns out, we all like us some smoker porn.

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You CAN NOT consistantly smoke meat and get it right by smoking to time.

Especially on a brisket or butt.

You may get lucky once and come out w/ an edible piece of meat . You need to smoke to temprature.

Foil w/ some liquid at 160°-165° cook to 190° for slicing.

 The only thing that works on time is ribs.

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when you start smoking, leave it alone. Alot of folks can't resist the urge to open the smoker, jam thermometers all over the place and toss the meat around like a burger. Briskets like to be left alone at a constant temp.. good luck

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Ok now your at the 4th guy you need to stop take a breathe and then go back and read 1-2-3 again and then do just what they all said because if I was to try and tell you how to smoke a brisket I would have to say the same thing that they have just told you.

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After cooking be sure to let it rest 30 min or more.

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