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Huge score

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My Mother in laws neighbor is up from Chicago, who is a very generous lady, gave us a couple of Muffuletta Sammies, these things are huge, a foot in diameter, and almost 6" high, what a delicious score.

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Hmmm, You caused me to look that up!


Seems to be close to a Thick Pizza with a lid! 



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Sounds good to me. Did you get a picture?

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Nothing like a pizza. IT is one of the best sammies you will ever stuff your face with. (when made right)

 The italians guard their olive salsd recipes like some guard their sauce recipes.

 the ingrediants are as follows

10" muffaletta roll sliced in half


genoa salami


provalone cheese

mozzerella cheese

 and a big helping of the olive salad spread on the bun.

It's best to spread the olive salad on the bread and let it sit for an hour or so to let the olive oil seep into the bread then make the sammich.

There has allways been great discussion about wether a muff should be served hot (toasted ) or cold. Central grocery in new orleans who claim to have invented the muff serve theirs cold.

 My favorite itallian delli here serves them hot.

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Here's the second one, for the kids, it got smashed down so it would fit in their mouths, I guess my mouth is bigger...


Damians birthday brisket 010.jpg

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Originally Posted by eman View Post

Nothing like a pizza. IT is one of the best sammies you will ever stuff your face with. (when made right)

 Yep, the olive spread they put on the bread is awesome.

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I love Mufaletta sammies if they do a good job on the olive salad. Nice score

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Dang that looks awsome!  Perfect for a long fb game that goes into double overtime!.....take that long to eat that big.....sammich.  Very nice!  Congrats!


BTW, what does that thing weight?

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These are great and have contributed to my waist line more than once.

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Now that sammie sure makes me want to go back to New Orleans again and again. That and the oysters from Acme Oysters. Really I'm always looking for a reasone to go to a couple of good eating places like New Orleans and New York and Baltimore and Alabama and Mississippi and anywhere that has good food. Heck We're Fat Kids now and we travel to eat and I try to steal as many recipes that I can.

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I love me some muffaletta sandwiches. I can just about taste the olive tapenade. Nice score!

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Muffaletta is one of our favorite sandwiches.  There are three things that make it special.  First is the selection of quality meats and cheeses.  Second is the bun, should be a large round loaf -- slightly crusty but soft inside.  Finally, and perhaps the most important, is the olive salad.


In about a month, we will be having one from Central Grocery in New Orleans.  My wife and I will probably split a half loaf -- they are quite filling.


Meanwhile, for those who might like to try something like theirs, here is a recipe.


Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.05
      Title: French Quarter Muffaletta Sandwich
 Categories: Newspaper, Sandwich, Cajun
      Yield: 1 Sandwich
      1 lg Loaf Italian bread; round
           .  preferred
           Olive oil or olive salad
           .  marinade
    1/3 lb Hard salami; sliced thin
    1/3 lb Ham; sliced thin
    1/3 lb Provolone cheese; sliced
           .  thin



    2/3 c  Green olives; pitted &
           .  coarsely chopped
    2/3 c  Black olives; pitted &
           .  coarsely chopped
    1/2 c  Pimiento; chopped
      3 cl Garlic; finely minced
      1    Anchovy fillet; mashed
      1 tb Capers
    1/3 c  Parsley; finely chopped
      1 ts Oregano
    1/4 ts Black pepper
    1/2 c  Olive oil
  Slice bread horizontally and scoop out half of the soft dough from
  top and bottom. Brush the bottom loaf with olive oil or juice from
  olive salad marinade. Layer on cold cuts. Top with as much olive
  salad as will fit without spilling out. Replace top loaf.
  Slice in quarters.
  Makes 4 servings.
  Mix together all salad ingredients very thoroughly. Cover and
  marinate at least 12 hours.
  Makes enough for 1 large sandwich.
  Nutritional analysis: per 1/4 sandwich: 928 calories, 58g fat, 73mg
  cholesterol, 2,952mg sodium,  55% of calories from fat.
  Source: "Real American Food"   by  Michael Stern  (Knopf, 1986)
  **  Dallas Morning News  --  Food section  --  14 October 92  **
  Scanned and formatted for you by  The WEE Scot  --  paul macGregor
  From: Paul Macgregor                  Date: 04-14-96
  Home Cooking
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