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    I have a american gourmet smoker like at wal mart. I t has I guess you call it off set firebox. I had to use almost a whole bag a hickory chunks, for beef ribs that smoked for five hours is this normal. How do i keep my wood from burnning to fast but keep the temp up.
  2. I find that soaking my chips hellps and move your chip pan a little ways away from your heat source
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    Hi Mike. I think you meant to hit reply to your other thread, but you ended up making a new post. No biggie, but thought I would point that out.

    Were you monitoring your temperatures throughout the process? And far be if for me to tell you not to soley use wood to smoke with, but I think most use either charcoal bruqueetes or the lump hardwood charcoal for their fuel, and use the wood for their smoke. Also, did you monitor the temps of your meat as well? But I am just a beginner in the smoking arena, so I am sure the experts here will reply with better information. Keep on smokin. [​IMG]
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    Hi Mike,

    I agree that you should think about using lump as heat fuel and compliment that with wood chunks for smoke. I use pre-burnt oak in my off set and then chunks of cherry, apple or hickory for the smoke.
  5. also close both dampers to about 1/2" open, the less draft the loweer the temp and the londer the fuel lasts. Trial and era as what works when.

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