Where there's smoke there's (shouldn't be) fire

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  1. rons

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    Hey folks,

    Long time no post! I looked at my last threads, it was 2009 the last time I posted, egads time flies!

    I was looking for some advice, getting back into using the old Brinkman after many years, and was wondering if someone could point me to, or tell me about maybe some ways to avoid wood fires.

    I've been setting an open smoker box inside a donut of coals in the charcoal pan in my Brinkman vertical water smoker, sometimes it works great, sometimes the coals aren't close enough so no smoke, other times the box gets too hot and you see the temp at 425 with a nice forest fire going in there. I see some people are talking about smoking tubes and such.

    I had been thinking of buying like a 2 inch metal pipe at the hardware store, capping one end, then filling it with chips and laying it on the coals. Would that work?

    There's only like 8 inches of room from the coals to the bottom of the water pan, so can't have an actual vertical pipe going up.

    Hope  you all are doing good! cheers!

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  2. genek

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    Ron, get an Amazen tube smoker from Todd Johnston. I use a 12 inch in my small propane smoker and love it. Put the tube on a lower rack and smoke away.

    Todd has 6 inch to 18 inch models and if you call or e-mail him he'll be able to tell you just which of his models will work best.

    Search on Amazen and you'll find lots of us that use them.

  3. bobank03

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    Are you using an ECB? Like the one for my avatar? 
  4. rons

    rons Smoking Fanatic

    I'll check those out, thanks!
  5. rons

    rons Smoking Fanatic

    Yes, just like that.
    I modified the charcoal pan though :)

    I did a pork shoulder the other day, came out great, but had to mess with the wood every 20 min for the full 6-7 hours ....
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  6. bobank03

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    Hey RonS

    The Amazen smoker tube is a good deal. I own one myself. 

    I also take a soup can and set it standing up inside my pan and put wood chunks in that so they don't burn off too soon. I use the minion and also space out my chunks so that I keep the smoke rolling. There are some nice pics of this posted up on the ECB group. 

    Check out the mods and such we have done in the ECB Owners Group

  7. rons

    rons Smoking Fanatic

    Wow your mods are almost identical to mine :) I did the top vent and made a new fire pan with legs too, I found my old mod thread on here from 2009 but the pics are gone.

    I used a coffee can for a while like the soup can you mentioned, :)
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  8. bobank03

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    The old metal coffee cans would be perfect for doing the minion in an ECB. Can you still get cans like that? hmmm note to self: check for "bigger" cans at the grocery store, lol. 
  9. rons

    rons Smoking Fanatic

    I'm not sure all the coffee I get now is in those cheap plastic containers I must look too!

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