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  1. ldrus

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    just starting to get into sausage making but know nothing about it just been making slim jims and some sandwich salami(store kit)

     i have bought  ECA, #1 cure, Dextrose  for  a recipe that i used but don't really know the reasoning  and purpose of dextrose and I'm sure there will be other things also. so with that said  if you were to recommend just one book to learn from  what book would it be?
  2. [​IMG]

    This is my favorite so far,

    I want to get the one by the Marianski

    and the book called "charcuterie"

  3. oh and be careful with the ECA, if you use too much (and it takes very little) it will make your sausage taste like vinegar, also you have to mix it in last  and stuff and then smoke right away, you can't let your sausage sit over night with ECA in it.
  4. [​IMG]    X2 On Rytek's book.  I've had a copy forever and it is a very informative book!


  5. solaryellow

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    Charcuterie by Ruhlman and Polcyn would be my recommendation. Rytek and the Marianski books are also excellent but can be a bit overwhelming. I started with Rytek's and wish Iwould have started with Charcuterie.
  6. scarbelly

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    I agree - Ruhlman is much easier to understand 
  7. I want to get the "Charcuterie" book

    But out of curiosity which  edition of the Kutas book do you guys have? I know I had seen some one post some scans out of an older version of kutas's book and the recipes where's the same but written differently.

    I am no super genius by far, but I didn't find the Kutas book hard to understand, or is it that the "Charcuterie" book makes reallllly easy?
  8. couger78

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    All the books mentioned so far are a great resource for the beginner! 

    Of course, after some of my earlier errors in making decent sausage, you'd think i was reading this book:


    - Kevin [​IMG]
  9. solaryellow

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    I have the 4th edition. I am not saying Rytek's or Marianski's books are unable to be read by the average person, but they both present a lot of information quickly that could easily overwhelm a person and have them upside down before they even start on their first sausage. The Chacuterie book lays out the information in a much more readable format for the first timer and information is added as you move through the book so you get the context of the techniques and ingredients allowing you to build on what you have already learned. Neither of the other two books does it as well IMHO. Plus, Charcuterie doesn't have hundreds of recipes putting the first timer in a state of paralysis as to what to do first. I also have not had a single bad recipe out of Charcuterie whereas I can't say that about the other two. That is my reasoning.
  10. LOL I like this comment, cause I still look through my Kutas book thinking what I should try next..

    I get what yer saying about the add information as you go part, kinda like a build skillz type of format
  11. solaryellow

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    When I first read it I figured I would be smart and put some bookmarks on the pages of things I wanted to try first. When I finished I had a sea of bookmarks and no idea what to do first. lol

  12. shoneyboy

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    Thanks for the great ideals for books to start looking at.......
  13. Oh and by the way Fellas All of these books can be found at amazon at affordable prices,

    also I have a Marianski book that I like, about smoke house design that has a lot of good Ideas about build smokers and such
  14. Hey BC, I had to go dig mine off the bookshelf in the kitchen.  Looks like I have the "Revised Edition", not sure if that would make it "Revision 1 - Revised" or Revision 2.

    I always write my name and the date I got the book on the inside first page.  I got my copy in December of 1991!  That's 21 years ago!!! Holy cow....

    Here's the cover:


    Here's the copyright info:


    @ solaryellow, funny you mention that, I did the same thing with small yellow sticky tabs... my book still has about 15 of them sticking out the side... looks like a porcupine! 

    As for the 'intensity' of this book, IMVHO, I really didn't find it that overwhelming and this is the first book I started out with after using old family recipes for years before popping for my first real sausage book... but YMMV.....

  15. PS:  BC, what's the copyright on your edition?

  16. What one book?

    "Charcuterie" by Ruhlman and Polcyn is 'okay' but it's riddled with bad advise, errors, omissions and shortcuts.

    INHO, the best all around book for someone serious about real sausagemaking and meat curing is..."Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages" by the Marianski's.

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  17. 2008 is the copyright
  18. solaryellow

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    There are a few but riddled is a bit of an exaggeration. You can find the same in all three of the books.
  19. It's not easy to 'find' what is omitted! LOL

    And I did say real sausage....not sausages laced with milk powder, fermento, etc.

    There is no perfect book.
  20. yeah honestly just "one book" is probably a pipe dream...LOL but you can probably bet any of the three books named here are a good book to start with, but my guess is you will end up buying the others sooner or later...LOL

    so don't worry too much about it


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