What is a nice rib rub

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ugaboz, Jun 13, 2010.

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    and does everyone always wrap in foil after a few hours on the smoker,
  2. I use Jeff's recipe for rub, with some slight modifications to suit my tastes.  Sometimes I wrap in foil, other times I do not. My last set of ribs (3 racks) I started at 11am and let them go slow until 5pm.  Slow as in 212 degrees, then popped up the temp to 275 for another hour.  Pulled them out and set them in a pan, covered it with foil for 15 minutes until we were ready to eat.  Cut them up and enjoyed!  Just as moist as when I did the 3-2-1 method.

    Any way works as long as you enjoy the taste, texture, look.

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    first pff I would say jeff's rub and sauce I know it cost but it's that good. Then it also helps ths site out too. Then I would also recommend Tip's and I have been using a new one for the past month or so and that's Old Bay and Brown Sugar this is about a 2/3rds old bay and ret brown sugar it a good rub with a descent kick and then a sweetness in the back. But then I change every now and then just to change or I get tried of this or that. You always have the best rub of all still is plain old salt,pepper and garlic.
  5. Old Bay and brown sugar...sounds awesome! Im gonna have to try that one.  You ever try using a rub made entirely of white sugar?  Thats all I used to use.
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    Jeffs rub is what I started using as well. Its a unique blend, it makes people say hummmmm thats different whats in it. With my old rub (pretty spicy) I would cook for about 2 hours then pull um out sugar the heck out of um, wrap in plastic wrap, then wrap really tight in foil twice. Pull um out after 2 more hours or when the foil looks like its gonna explode then put um nekkid on the grill to bark um up a little. Rest um while I get ready with another light coat of sugar on them. The plastic wrap won't melt under 300 so long as the foil is tight.

    Good luck
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    I have used the old bay in some of my rubs but never as a main ingrediant.

     It might be a lil salty for my taste. But we use very little added salt.

     when i brine something i have to do an extra long soak w/ some cut up potatoes to get the salt levels down to where i can eat it.
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    I like to make my own that way you know its always right. Use the spicies you like and the amount..I never use anything sweet just does not taste right to me...

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