What Do I Do With These Prime Rib Roasts? HELP

Discussion in 'Beef' started by lakeof2smoker, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. lakeof2smoker

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    Hi - I'm relatively new to these forums, so any help is appreciated.

    We're doing a family event tomorrow and my mother-in-law asked me to smoke up some prime rib roasts.   The plan was for me to smoke them at my house and then bring them over to her house.

    The problem (at least in my mind) is that we'll want to get there early, which means I'll have to wrap them in foil and towels and the whole works and bring them over.  This always works fine for well-done meat or poultry, but I'm planning to do these up medium or so.  I'm really worried that if I keep these things wrapped, they're just going to keep on cooking and then I'm  going to have to serve well-done prime rib to my wife's family (horror show) - if anyone has any advice on transport of prime rib and letting stand for a few hours without wrecking them, I'd appreciate it. THANKS. JH
  2. b-one

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    If they don't live to far away I would undercook them and finish them off in there oven.
  3. Take them to the temp you would like to serve at, wrap in foil and put in transport cooler or other carrying case. The temp. they are put in at will hold at or near for a good couple of hours. You are not putting in an oven at a higher temp., but rather keeping at the finishing temp. The meat will not raise in temp. as you are no longer providing outside heat, rather just insulating the heat already present. You also will gain the advantage of the entire mass of meat to be able to stabilize throughout evenly which produces a lovely finished product when doing roasts.
  4. ak1

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    Don't worry about it. Prime rib is a great cut for situations such as this. It won't get tough and dry. Cook it to just shy of where you want it. Wrap it up, pack it up, take it away, warm it through if needed and enjoy!
  5. lakeof2smoker

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    Sweet - I was hoping this would be the case but usually when you leave meat stand it still keeps cooking for a while, have never left anything like this standing that long.  I had terrible visions of slicing into at 6PM tonite and finding it GREY.  Going to fire up the  Brinkman shortly, will advise how it goes.  Thanks to everyone for the responses.
  6. bearcarver

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    Also the lower smoker temp you smoke it at, the less carry over there is.

    Below is one I smoked at 220* Smoker Temp. I stopped the heat at 133* IT, and it only carried over to 139* IT, and all stayed Pink inside.


    Smoked Prime Rib (My Best Ever)    

  7. lakeof2smoker

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    Cool - thanks very much.  I put the roasts on about 30 minutes ago and I'm holding 225-230F -  I'm running minion method with a nice packet of cherry wood, so hopefully I can keep my Brinkmann at a decent temp, seems to be holding OK right now.  Got to save up those pennies for a  WSM.  Taking photos, so hopefully I can post a Major Success tonite or tomorrow morning.  I'm going to have about 2-3 hours between the roasts being done and serving time, so I'm going to just wrap the heck out of them with foil, then towels, then toss them in a cooler and they should hold.  Thanks again for all the advice.

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