Using electric smokers to rest meat after smoking?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by spresso, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. I have always used a cooler to rest my meats after a smoke, but I just recently got an electric smoker and was wondering if there are any drawbacks to using the smoker to rest the meat after it`s done.
    Let say set the smoker at 140F, wrap the meat a couple of times and set it in there for 1-2 hours.....
    has anyone done this?
    I see no issues with this at all....but may be missing something.
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  2. Hello SPresso.  I see no problem with that.  Usually when you rest meat it is without applying any heat.  It allows the meat to "relax" and the juices to redistribute as you know.  I think putting it in the smoker with just residual heat may be the better option.  Just my opinion.  Keep Smokin!

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    Holding food Hot at 140-150*F is common in the restaurant biz. So there is no reason you can't. It is important to stay above 140*F so no opening the door to Peek, Check or Taste. That's the benefit of all that stuff wrapping the meat in the cooler...Nobody can get at it until it's time to eat!...JJ

    @ Danny...You are correct about the point of the rest but the Pressure release occurs as soon as the meat experiences a big Temp change. The Proteins are no longer being squeezed like they are after they denature then continue to cook and moisture in the meat is no longer agitated by the 180*F or higher heat. So 225-300*F into a 140*F environment works just as well a 70*F counter top. Think about what's happening in the cooler. Put that meat, all wrapped up, in there for 30-60 minutes and if you cut it juices will run. The meat is still 180+*F. Let is sit a couple hours and all is golden...
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  4. Great, Thanks,
    that`s what I thought.
    It would just be simpler than dragging out the cooler every time.
    My wife says I always grab the wrong towels :biggrin:
    I just got the Smokin-It 3 which is a very well insulated unit. After a couple of runs it seems to hold temperature for a very long time.
    Maybe an additional 1-2 bricks would help it keep 140-160....
    Once again thanks!

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