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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by saltbranch, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. saltbranch

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    My UDS is built out of a chain drum,which is abit larger than a 55 gallon drum, I am using the 22.5" weber grate as my fire box. I live in in S. TX and near the beach. Usually after holidays like the 4th of July you can cruise the beach and find grills left behind for whatever reason. Actually you would be amazed at what people leave.....Anyways I was cruisin for dome top for my UDS, I came across a round grill that looked about right size, so I snatch it up and head home. The actual lid is to small, but the bottom half is a spot on fit for me to spot weld to the rim of my drum lid. This will add approx 24" of space to the top of my UDS, I am thinkin there is way to fab 3rd rack under this.........not sure what brand of grill it is. I'll try and get pics up this weekend
  2. que-ball

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    Looking forward to it!
  3. saltbranch

    saltbranch Smoke Blower

    I have use of a 110v wire feed Miller to weld this with.IF the metal is thin for my welding skills and I go with spot welding, what would be a good filler to seal be? JB weld..others?
  4. pandemonium

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    we need pics enough teasing, dont try running a bead, just spot at a time and it will work good
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  5. pandemonium

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  6. saltbranch

    saltbranch Smoke Blower

    I am working on the pics, still trying to figure how to post them. I am trying meat loaf for the first time today, just put 2 "loafs" on the UDS.
  7. saltbranch

    saltbranch Smoke Blower

    see if this works


  8. que-ball

    que-ball Smoking Fanatic

    Pics are perfect.  Looks like your original flat lid has a set of exhaust vent holes, currently covered with magnets or tape.  Is that to keep rain out when you're NOT using the drum?
  9. saltbranch

    saltbranch Smoke Blower

    I drilled 8-1/2" holes, 2" in from the edge of lid for the exhuast ports.I have magnets cut to cover them if needed, have not needed to cover them yet.The magnets are set inside of the holes in the pic.I just have them stuck on the lid incase I need them.I keep the drum in the garage when not used but I guess the magnets would keep the rain out if needed.

    The grill bottom has 12- 3/4" holes at the bottom/which will end up being the top. I am thinking if I get creative, I can fab a 3 rd smaller diameter grill that will fit under the "lid". After I get the grill bottom welded to my flat top rim, I plan to cut the inside of the flat lid out with a die grinder, then add a 2nd grate at the top of the drum body like I have seen in other builds.I should have approx 15" of space from the top of the drum to the top of the new lid.

    Oh yea my original estimate of 24" was way off!!
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  10. smokingohiobutcher

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    I had that same idea a few weeks back when I got a weber knock off.

    I haven't taken the time to weld it to the lid of UDS #2 yet.

    I'll be watching to learn from you.

    Good to know great minds think alike

  11. pandemonium

    pandemonium Master of the Pit

    Cool that other grill fits right on there?
  12. saltbranch

    saltbranch Smoke Blower

    Cool that other grill fits right on there?

    ITs a spot on fit, as if made to fit the lip of my lid.

    Since I am pretty much going to spot weld this in 1" increments, I plan to spot weld 1 side then the otherside is a cris cross pattern to help prevent warping. To seal the area between spot welds I am considering the high heat silicone like used in automotive engine gaskets, adverised good to 800 degrees.
  13. pandemonium

    pandemonium Master of the Pit

    I dont understand? You are going to weld the weber lid onto the drums flat lid? if so is that because it fits on there good but not on the drum? also id like to see a close up of your thermometer of you can that looks like a good one, what brand is it?
  14. saltbranch

    saltbranch Smoke Blower

    Actually I am going to weld the Weber bottom to my drum lid because of the drum lid fits, look at the pics closer and you will see the drum lid "folds" over the top lip of the drum............maybe I need to take better pics.

    These drums have round rim, the top is made to fit on the rim and seal tight with a clamp ring. I pulled the seal out of my lid becuase I was not sure of the heat rating.

    This drum is different than a regular liqiud drum in design as far as top goes. I'll try and pic tommorrow ot Tuesday to post.

    On the thermometor, its a 10.00 one from Academy, I am not sure its all that accurate to be honest.
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  15. tom37

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    Pan, I think the bottom of the grill is like the one I used. I didn't even think about welding the new grill bottom half to the lid since I used my lid for an ash pan. Instead I flattened the rolled edge of the grill against a 2x4 that was clamped in a vise, and then reformed it to the drum top.

    Saltbranch I am in no way knocking your method and I can see where your idea will work very well. Just throwing out an idea in case your grill bottom is close like mine was. Mine now has a rolled edge that set on the drum covering the rolled edge of the drum by like 1/3. So far mine has weathered several storms and has not been knocked off.

    Here is a pic of my grill bottom as I started to flatten out the lip and roll it the other way. Start to finish it took about 10 or 15 minutes.

  16. pandemonium

    pandemonium Master of the Pit

    ok i gottcha, ya I wouldnt have thought about welding them together, good idea!! Toms way looks easy too
  17. pit 4 brains

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    Whatever you do, don't take the legs/wheels off of it. 
  18. pandemonium

    pandemonium Master of the Pit

    ya it could be the space UDS  looks like some spacecraft lol
  19. tom37

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    Yup, tack the legs on so they wont pull out and with the ash catcher you will have a rain guard so the exhaust vent doesn't get water during a spring smoke. Heck of a good handle too. An efficient allien spacecraft.
  20. saltbranch

    saltbranch Smoke Blower

    Now I am getting confused with all these good ideas[​IMG]! I have another drum to convert too, so I have use for both lid and bottom. I told the kids we need to get some high heat white paint,silver and some black to customize 1 of the UDS to look like R2D2.....they were like HUH? R2D2 whats that?..........geez. I said Star Wars, you know. They  were like....yea your old school!

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