Turkey IT Issue Between Breast

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by nptwnsmkr, Sep 28, 2014.

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    I just smoked a just shy of 14lb turkey on my WSM at around 275*. I brined it in slaughterhouse brine for 24hrs, dried it in the fridge overnight. I used the minion method with KBB dumping my hot coals in the center so the would work their way out generally giving an even heat. I placed the turkey on the top rack centered. After about 3hrs I probed each breast and had an almost 10* difference. I did use my water pan with water, I usually use sand when smoking a turkey. I have never been that far off from breast to breast IT. I did probe in multiple locations just to make sure I wasn't hitting too close to the bone. Anyone have any ideas what might have caused the temp difference?
  2. I would say you have a hot spot in your smoker [​IMG].

    Turn the bird 180 Degrees and see if that evens things out. If not, use the low reading.

    Happy smoken.

  3. nptwnsmkr

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    That's the way I was leaning and I did, it just that I've never had this issue. I've been smoking on this WSM for 10 years. Think I'll have to chalk it up to an anomaly, I will keep a better eye on the temps in different areas on future smokes. I did open the door to check for an even burn and it looked pretty good. Thanks for the input!
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    Having the full picture of the air flow inside my smoker is a skill I have never gained.

    Placing therms in different locations can give a general idea?

    Make sure your dogs, kids, or squirrels haven't been adjusting your vents for you?  [​IMG]

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Hope you find out what happened . . . I wanna see Q-view [​IMG]
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    I don't think I'll be able to fully figure out the air flow issue, too many factors with air temp, humidity etc. I saw a video on Youtube with a guy and a WSM hooked up to many different therms in many locations. It was pretty interesting to see how just being out of level effected the temps.

    Squirrel already on list with Moose-dog and kids...well they'll get a pass! [​IMG]
    I know I know-rulez... I was a little frustrated at the time and didn't take any pics.

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