Trying This a Second Time With Chicken Pieces - First Smoke Didn't Taste Very Good

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by janegael, May 5, 2012.

  1. I have a new Masterbuilt 30".  Last week I tried pork chops and a whole chicken.  I used Stubb's blend of oak, hickory and applewood.  I soaked the chips for a half an hour.  They didn't burn even half way.  When I emptied the chip holder they were still in large chunks and some were even still brownish.  The flavor of both the chicken and chops could best be described as "muddy."  The dogs got all of the chops and a lot of the chicken.

    This time I got some Webber hickory chips, but I don't know if I should soak them or not.  I also don't know how much of them to use, as there seems to be differing opinions.  I am going to try chicken breasts and legs.   Once I went to a restaurant down by Mammoth Cave that serves only smoked meats -- put on your own sauce.  I've always wanted to be able to cook meat that tastes like that.  I also love the  wonderful flavor you get on a charcoal bbq, but maybe I expect too much.

    Am I trying to get a flavor you can't get with my smoker? 

    I'm reading a lot and getting fairly confused at this point since there are tons of good suggestions, many of which contradict each other.  I don't want to put a rub on the chicken as I like the smoke flavor, but maybe I have to use something to keep it moist.  I tried putting a bit of olive oil on the chops to help with drying out but ended up with slimy chops instead.  Sigh.
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    I had similar problems getting consistant smoke when I first got my MES 30 until I bought the amazing smoker ( I hate to sound like a salesman but this product and the guy that sells them are outstanding.  It will produce consistant smoke for up to 12 hours!  Search AMNPS in the search bar and check out what everyone has to say about it!!

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    Jane, morning.....  BBF has some good advice......  I use the MES and its electronics for controlling the heat only.... It is a good system... I use the AMNPS for controlling the smoke....  The two are a match made in heaven.....  Masterbuilt should hook up with Todd and sell the two as a unit....    It is difficult to control the smoke and heat in one unit... 

    Secondly, try not soaking the chips.... use only a 1/4 cup of chips or less at one time....  when they finish smoking (1/2 - 1 hour) add more.....

    Check the chip tray and how close it is to the element... should be sitting on it or within a 1/16".... 


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