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    I started out ten days ago with two Boston Butts. One was 7 pounds, the other 7.50 pounds.


    Not too hateful getting the bone out of them.


    After cutting the chunks down to roughly two inch thick slabs I put them into Pops Brine to soak for 10 days and today was number 10.


    After a good rinse I re weighed the chunks and it gained a total of 3.38 pounds. I sliced some up for the fry test.

    Since I am suffering with a terrible cold I had to rely on the Wifes opinion as to how it tasted..... Not too salty but rather sweet.

    I went to 1 full cup of salt with his recipe, since we tend to like salty bacon instead of sweet, knowing that I could soak it out if too much.

    Anyone else think Pops Brine is too sweet or is it just her? Not OVERLY sweet.... Not pork candy sweet...... just sweet.

    Now they gotta set until tomorrow before I cover them with CBP then smoke Friday night.

    BTW..... Since I have a cold, I washed and gloved. And rewashed and regloved several times while handling the meat.
  2. jrod62

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    LOOKS GOOD !!!!!

    I have some that will be ready saturday to smoke also got a loin in the brine so we will have a lot of bacon .
  3. adiochiro3

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    Great job!  Congrats!
  4. Looking good! I've haven't tried Pops brine, I've dry cured with Hi Mtn BBB cure and turns out great for us. Can't wait to see the finale.
  5. mballi3011

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    Now your BBB looks great to me. I have done a lot of it to. Now I have also used many different cures from straight Cure #2 and Tender Quick. This past time I did use Pop's brining method and I thoight it came out really well. A touch salty (to me) but I like it

    that way. I didn't taste that much sweet and I followed him brine recipe to the tee. I always try a new recipe just the way it is before I try to put my little spin on it.
  6. After the fry test I placed the slabs on cooling racks on cookie sheets and put them in the fridge to rest.

    Last night I rubbed one with just CBP and a few with salt and CBP.

    The BBB is in the smoke right now.

    Loaded up my AMNPS with half oak and half hickory mixed together.


    The rest I just left plain....


    I only filled a little over 2 rows in my AMNPS so I'll just let it go all night until it burns out.

    In the morning it will be just like Christmas when I open the door to my MES30!

    Then I get to go spend the biggest part of the day with the wife, my oldest son (21), his fiancee, and a good buddy from high school.

    We are all taking our Concealed Carry class together!

    Bacon and guns what more could I need?

    Finished pics to follow in the AM.
  7. thoseguys26

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  8. jalan43

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    I've got my bacon soaking in Pop's brine should be done at the end of the week. Looking good Mike![​IMG]
  9. smokinal

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    Great looking bacon! Can't wait to see the finale!
  10. jrod62

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    looks good so far.

    just put my loin and butt on for some cold smoke bacon.[​IMG]
  11. OMG!!!!!!

    This is the best!

    We only ate a small chunk and it was delicious.




    a few pepper flakes got on the plain but she'll have to live with it......


    When I checked on it at 6 this morning it still needed a little more color so I loaded some more hickory into my AMNPS and gave it another 3 hours of smoke.

    This has been WELL worth the time spent in preparation.

    Thanks for the comments and looking!

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