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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by 1ribshort, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. 1ribshort

    1ribshort Newbie

    I'm going to go pick up a 25 gal/200# propane tank this afternoon for $25
    As close as I can tell it's approx. 46" x 15". Do you think this is too small far a horizontal unit? I guess I could use it for ABT's, FATTIES, or maybe babybacks.
    If anything I suppose it's still a good deal if I just keep it for an extra tank for my fish fryer. Any opinions....I guess you ALL have opinions.[​IMG]...any good ones?
  2. kanadan

    kanadan Fire Starter

    if your going through all the work of making one you might as well go big
  3. 1ribshort

    1ribshort Newbie

    You're probably right, just don't have the funds for a bigger one yet. I have a Smoke-N-Pit now so it's not like I don't have something to use. I just have this urge to build one.
    I just saw one made from a 5gal and a 10 gal so I guess it could work.

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