Today is the Maiden Smoke with the new Backwoods!!!

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  1. Well so far so good. Well after a fiasco last night. After trimming the spare ribs, I decided to Smoke the trimmed pieces to use in my smokey bake beans today. About a hour into the smoke my MES30 quit, not really a big deal, it got the first hour of smoke. I brought them in and finished in the stove. The New Backwoods is awesome with temp control. Something Im not used to with my MES..

    A new day today. Had a rub on the ribs overnight and the chicken in a brine for about 6 hours. Made a pan full of ABT's filled with cream cheese, cheddercheese and some of the chopped up rib trimmings.. Made some of those Tomato Candies to go in later too!!! And of course the Smokey baked beans.... QViews to follow!!! Sorry forgot PreSmoke Chicken pics...





    Buster My Beer Drinking Boxer! He Loves Smokin'
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  2. Doing the 3-2-1 Smoke on the ribs. Here they are after 3 and wrapping up for the next 2

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    Everything looks great!  Looking forward to the rest of the Qview.  Just one question, how many beers does it take for the dog to find a comfortable corner and fall asleep?  
  4. Lol Al... I havent found that out yet, but he is a big boy and can keep up with most of us!!! Hahaha...
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    LOL does he steal your beer if ya set it down.
  6. spkry... Oh he defiantly steals the beer if you set it down.. and if its in a cup.. its his! lol..
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    I was all over this thread to check out a Backwoods rib smoke... but then the boxer stole the show! I love it!
  8. Well it all turned out awesome, the ribs were fall off the bone, and the rub I used was perfect for everyone. They were gone very quick. Chicken was very moist and had a good flavor. My wife liked the chicken especially. The ABT's, well gone real quick too! The tomato candies were different. I liked them but not my favorite. The smoker worked very well and the temp control was outstanding. I dont think I had enough charcoal in, at 4 1/2 hours it was struggling to make 240. Ashes were up to the bottom of the screen, and just adding charcoal was not helping much. So I took the coal box and ashtray out and dumped most out, added new charcoal and off it went. The temp I wanted quickly and could hold it. All in All it was a great first Smoke with the new Backwoods. [​IMG]

    Here are some pics of the finished goods!!!





    Lol The Blue dots on the ABT tray looks funny. Just the towel showing thru the pan I used.
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    I can see your happy with your new smoker!

    Everything looks delicious!
  10. Looks like an excellent smoke to me.

    All the food looks great!

    Happy Smokin'


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