to much steaks for my grill

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by wuze, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. hi

    i have a weber genesis e-320 and i want to grill on saturday 14 big rib-eye steaks.

    hand here is my question:

    after i have sealed them is it possible to make a "mountain" when i do indirekt the last minutes because i dont have space

    to put them side by side?

    how you handle so much meat?

    i hope you guys know what i mean and can help me[​IMG]

    and please dont post pic. with grills biger as my house[​IMG]

  2. fftwarren

    fftwarren Smoking Fanatic

    um, you could go several routes with this. 

    1) you could smoke them all at the same time for a little while then pull them off and get the fire up and sear them to perfection on the outside. 

    2) you could grill them seperately and throw em into a small ice chest lined with foil and keep them in there until the others are finished. but be careful not to overcook because they will still cook a little in the ice chest.

    3) you could grill them on one side of your pit and make a mountain on the otherside while you wait for the others to get done. but you gonna have to make sure they don't over cook. 

    the easiest way would be to throw them in an ice chest or up onto your upper rack(if you have one) as they finish
  3. mballi3011

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    I would smoke/grill them in rounds do the well done one first and then add and subtract as needed to get them all done. Then I would put them into a cooler with some warm or hot towels in it. They should be kept hot in the cooler to till you are ready to serve them to your guest or family. 
  4. sqwib

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    You could try a rib rack

    or cook in 2 waves foil the first wave and rest in the cooler while the other ones are being cooked the meat should rest 20 minutes or so anyway.


    Borrow another grill


    use the oven and broil some and grill some.

    Anyway...good luck and have fun.
  5. [​IMG]


    you mean that i can smoke the steaks before i seal them in the gas grill?

    thx for the coments, but i think i have forgotten to say that i have a smoker also, sorry.

    open this new routes?

  6. rbranstner

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    Yes a lot of people will do what is referred to as a reverse sear. The steak or roast or what ever will be smoked first and brought up to around 120 (if you like things rare, med etc you will need to adjust your temps a bit) then throw the steaks on the grill to sear them for a few minutes a side at the end. You could smoke them on your smoker first putting some in the vertical chamber and also some in the horizontal chamber then when they get up to around 120-130 fire up your grill and sear them up and serve them.
  7. newflame

    newflame Meat Mopper

    man that's a hell of a view ya got there, way better than my back yard fence!  good luck!
  8. thx

    the only problem is that i dont know how long the steaks will need befor i can seal them.

    someone know how long a 1.5" steaks will need in the smoker?

  9. placebo

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    Indeed, and a nice setup as well!

    For 1.5" thick steaks I'd shoot for 45 minutes to an hour in the smoke at 225ish then toss them on the hot grill to sear them and finish them off.
  10. fftwarren

    fftwarren Smoking Fanatic

    yea, honestly I'd try to do it all on that smoker and just stay away from the gas. that big pit will hold all that. like someone else said, you could build your fire in the pit part and smoke in the vertical chamber then drop em on the pit part to sear them up.
  11. meateater

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    First off I hope you have one or two accurate thermometers, then I would smoke them till 135* Fahrenheit which is rare, then finish on your gas grill till desired per guest. Hope this helps.
  12. i have tried today a steak[​IMG]

    first for 1hour in the smoker at 220° and then finished in my gas grill.

    so, thx guys, this is the way to grill steaks[​IMG]

    no reason for me to be scary that everybody likes my steaks.

  13. yeah[​IMG]




  14. old poi dog

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    Aloha Wuze,

    That's a great beginnings of an outdoor kithcen.  Great view, great equipment, and great friends on SMF.  Looking forward to more of your posts and Q-Views.
  15. danmcg

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    First off, Welcome to the forums Jerald. Great looking steaks ya got there and  where do you get Stubb's? It's one of my favorites but I'm suprised to see it in Austria
  16. hi dan, my friend jim send me this from time to time or i bring it with me on my trips to the us, 9x til now and in april the next time.

    i try a lot of rubs (traeger beef rub is my favorite) and souces, here we dont get or if we get something its

    like heinz bbq souce or aa.


    i also have a lot of bbq cook books but i will burn them in next winter because i have found the place to learn

  17. danmcg

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    LOL thats Funny, but true.
  18. meateater

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    Wow, now that's some steaks! Glad we could help you out, now you can pass along the secrets to your family and friends. [​IMG]

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