Thermostat in a custom smoker????

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by xtexan, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. xtexan

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    This big smoker has proven to be a little extra work in the winter, keeping the temps steady and all. I already have a propane burner but need to do some work on it as there is not enough air intake in the main smoke chamber, I will have to have one cut in (intake).

    My question is: Has anyone ever installed or know someone who has installed a thermostat w/ pilot light. I am VERY interested in the "lazy option" for commercial use.


  2. ds7662

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    Don't know of anyone who has. But it can be done. Would need to get a control valve with from a heater, gas log set, or insert to make it work. Hard for me to explain it but, I could do it. Find someone who works with gas appliances and they should be able to do it.
  3. ba_loko

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    Will, I'm sure it can be done. The first person I thought of after reading your question was Josh. Geek with for duty! [​IMG]
  4. ds7662

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    Ok did a little searching and thinking. Basically you will need to get something that looks like this[​IMG]. A propane company should be able to order you a control valve that has the t-stat built in. You would need longer pilot lines and and longer than standard thermocouple for the pilot assembly. You would also probally need to fashion an extension for the control knob to get it where you want it. Don't mount the control valve near heat as it is made of pot metal. The t-stat sensor comes attached to the control valve and you place that were ever you need it. Then it will come on and shut off as you would like.
  5. zapper

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    Guts out of an old propane water heater?
  6. richtee

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  7. xtexan

    xtexan Meat Mopper

    Thanks ds7662 and Richtee VERY helpful. I probably wont try it myself, but I know what I need now.

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