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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by avz, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. avz

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    So, the first step was made! I can imagine that it's trivial to many of the forum members, but its a new experience to me. so, after this long prolog let me describe what I've done. since I could not find a suitable lid, I took a closed drum and opened a door so that the meat can be put into the drum. I took a piece of sheet metal and roller it to fit the drum's radius and it will be the door of the opening (it will be with hinges and latch). the plan is to do the same for the coal pit. I couldn't upload pics since they are "too heavy". if you will be so kind and advise me how to upload them, I'll be glad too. meanwhile, I'm wating for your comments.
    Here (I hope) are the pics:
  2. bcfishman

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    Way to go on the drum. As some say.... Every journey begins with a first step.

    Now I forgot what your question was...
  3. rbranstner

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    Upload them to photo bucket and you can resize them on photo bucket.
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    Welcome to the UGLY side! [​IMG]
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    Hey! Where's the pics? [​IMG]
  6. desertlites

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    good luck on your build avz-remember not to use any galvanized metals in your build.what are you planning on useing for grates?my drum is 26" dia. so I had to fabricate my own, tricky but fun.can't wait till you get the pic thing down.
  7. caveman

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  8. avz

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    Hi guys
    Sorry for the inconvenience regarding viewing of the pics. I still dont know well my way around photobucket, so the best I could do was to add a link - it is on my first post here, if its not too much trouble, please take a look. the drum is certainly not galvanized, I'm not much a fan of zinc fumes and I prefer my food without them. regarding the grate - It will have to be done from two halves and the plan is to drill 8 holes in the drum that will hold 4 cross bars that will hod the grate. I know that it may sound weired, but the photobucket seems more complicated to me then the work on the drum.
    Waiting for your comments.
  9. avz

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    Caveman - thanx for the good will but the link seems to be broken.
  10. caveman

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