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  1. Help my old reliable used a million times gosm vertical gave me fits the last 2 times I used it. Thinking I could in some way make perform better I made 2 recent and simple mods.First I started using a cast iron frying pan for my chip tray. Second thinking I could pick up more of the drippings I used a large non stick lasagna pan in place of the the cheap throwaway pan I usually use.My question is could one or both of these mods effect my temp control that bad.I am using a maverick . Maybe the large pan is acting as to much of a heat shield or the cast iron chip pan is causing issues.
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    What exactly is the issue you are having? Temp swings? Too much heat, not enough? Both items could act as heat shield.

    I run my gosm with sand in the water pan (have been doing that for about 8 years now). I also control the heat with a needle valve and not the original control on the smoker (I leave that wide open on max high). For smoke I use an AMNTS (12" & 18") from A-MAZE-N  http://www.amazenproducts.com/
  3. Could you please give me all the details on using sand in the water pan.Is it the stock pan, what kind of sand do you use, do the drippings just collect in the sand etc.........I want to try something different than just water in the stock recessed pan.Maybe something larger then on longer smokes I wouldn't have to worry about adding water. I am also looking to get an tube smoker.Any help would be awesome........thanks!!!!
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    Yes I use the stock water pan. Buy a bag of play sand from the hardware store. Fill the pan, then cover with a couple layers of foil. Replace the foil as needed to keep stuff out of the sand. I messed around with homemade smoke generators for years before buying the pellet tube. Wish I had done that long ago!
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    Sand does work well. I use a single burner propane burner in my Charcoal to Propane conversion GOSM. I actually place a Large Pineapple Juice can with a few holes in it right down on the burner, placing a few coals and chunks of wood in it. Smokes real well.
     If you keep the foil over the sand it will keep it cleaner and allow you to use it again for a few more times. I like to add a cup of water to it after its first use to bring it back to its damp consistency.
  6.     I have the smaller MasterBuilt propane verticle with 2 doors, I use an 8 in skilet that i have on a grate about a 1/2 in above the burner opening. I have a lid I put on it as well that is gapped by 3 wallhangers on the edge of the skillet. As long as the ambient temp stays constant and the sun doesn't beat on it mine is pretty stable. The skillet has enough mass to slow spikes from a flash in the chips.

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