Sunday smoked brisket & pulled pork in progress with Q-View - FINISHED!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by flyinion, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. flyinion

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    So, this was supposed to happen last weekend when temps were a bit cooler out, but I messed up my shoulder pretty good and couldn't use the arm at all.  Here we are a week later and shoulder is much improved and the temps are only a few degrees warmer out (mid-90's vs. about 90).  Wanted to do my first real attempt at brisket and also some pulled pork (which I've done before).  I've done brisket before but just to maybe about 140 and then chopped it up and put it in homemade chili to simmer for about 6 hours, never actually done it properly.

    So, here's the meat ready to go.  Both used olive oil to help things stick (mustard allergy in the house).  The pork is about 5lbs and has Jeff's rub on it.  The brisket is also about 5lbs and has s&p and Jeff's rub on it. 

    Here's after 4 hours smoking at around 230-240 (as measured on the top rack, so the brisket is a bit cooler on the bottom) with Stubbs briqs and a mix of hickory and cherry chunks.  Debating whether/when to foil.  I want to push them through their stall so we can actually eat tonight because I got them on about 2 hours late.

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  2. flyinion

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    Well, I put some andouille from a local butcher on for about 90 minutes and just pulled them off.  So here's  shot of them.  I wrapped the brisket and pork around 167 in a double layer of HD foil and right now they're at 180 for the brisket and about 178 for the pork.  I think I should have used a single layer.  The foil plus the bit of broth I put in dropped temps in both by about 5 degrees and they took about 45 minutes to recover [​IMG]

  3. Sausage looks good, can't wait to see finished product of the brisket and pork butt.
  4. flyinion

    flyinion Smoke Blower

    Ok, so we are done and dinner was great.  Just now getting around to uploading the final pics.  All in all I think both pieces turned out pretty good considering I foiled them and pushed the temps to 240-260 with a few spikes to 270 when I had to open the lid for various things so I could get them done in time for what turned out to be a late dinner around 9:30pm.  Of course the foiling meant I had no crunchy bark on either piece but they were still good.  The brisket did not get as dark as I thought it would on the bottom.  Considering it was my first real attempt at brisket I was very impressed.  It was moist and mostly tender.  I think it probably could have used another hour or so or maybe a few more degrees because I think it could have been a hair more tender.  Seeing as how it was my first one though I'm definitely NOT complaining and plan to do more of them now.  I also decided I need to make a vinegary finishing sauce for the pork.  It's just too sweet on it's own.

    So, here is the brisket just after opening the foil.  It got an hour rest in a cooler after hitting 190 and was around 176 when I opened it to slice....

    Here's the slices, nice little smoke ring going on............

    Now the pork.  I pulled it around 195 I think, might have been 192 or something like that.  It was getting late and I just had to hope for the best.  One muscle part was a bit rough to pull, but most of it shredded pretty easily.  It just rested in the baking dish while I sliced the brisket so maybe only about 15 minutes (it got done about an hour after the brisket).  It was quite warm when I went to pull it.

    Here's the pulled product mixed with a bit of juices from the foil above.

  5. so ms smoker

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      They both look great! Souflaquer's finishing sauce  is excellent for pulled pork. Give it a try.

  6. seenred

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    Mmm...Everything looks delicious!  Nicely done!

  7. flyinion

    flyinion Smoke Blower

    Yeah I'll look into it.  I have to see if I can find the cajun seasoning he calls for and if so if it has any mustard in it.  Can't use it if it does.  I was also thinking of Chef JimmyJ's sauce as well.  I could have made some up but I don't think I had 2 cups of apple cider vinegar.  I may just make some up tonight and put in there. I could always do a half batch or something.
  8. fwismoker

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    Scrumptdili-icious!   [​IMG]
  9. flyinion

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    Just wanted to say that I finally made up a batch of Chef JimmyJ's finishing sauce (without the allspice though) and tried it on the pork last night.  Just drizzled over the top after I heated it and put it on the bun.  Wow, big difference and I'll be using a finishing sauce for sure in the future.  It really woke up the "one note" sweetness that much of the pork has unless you get some of the rubbed bark areas.

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