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  1. We have company coming over tonight and I thought I would smoke one of the turkeys I had in the freezer. I pulled it out of the freezer Monday to defrost in the beer fridge this week. I put it in a buttermilk brine yesterday morning. Pulled it out late morning and got it rubbed up and injected and ready for the smoker. When I got up this morning, it was pouring rain. My smoker is up under the screen porch on the patio, so the rain was no problem, but once the rain stopped, it cleared, and the wind started blowing. There has been a steady 10-15 mph wind all day with gusts of up to 25-30mph. I had to do some serious redneck rigging to block the wind, as it was playing hell with my smoker temps. The turkey has been in since about noon and is currently at 139*. Company will be here at 5:00pm and we eat at 6:00pm. Hopefully, I wont have to worry about keeping the bird warm until we eat, but just in case, any suggestions? I really don't want to foil it in a cooler. I was thinking foiled in a roasting pan in a warm oven. I am just worried about drying it out.


    Here it is in the brine all ready for the fridge. 1 gallon of butter milk, 1 gallon of water, 1 1/2 cups of kosher salt, 1/2 cup of my spicy rub.


    Here it is all rubbed up. I mixed some softened butter with some Hawaiian Kona coffee rub my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas and rubbed all under the skin on the breast. I rubbed it down on the outside with some olive oil and more Kona seasoning and then injected it with butter and chicken broth and some more Kona rub (I hope this stuff is good). It tasted good by itself.


    Here it is around 3:00 today.


    Here is my attempt to block the wind. Grabbed my oyster shucking table and turned it on it's side, blocked the hole and then used a couple of smaller pieces of plywood to block any of the blow around. It actually worked pretty well.


    The flag standing straight out all day says it all.

    I will add some more pics once it comes off and gets carved.
  2. I love smoked turkey.  Unfortunate Thanksgiving is only once a year.  I think you should be OK to hold the temp in a 200* oven for a while without it drying out.

  3. I love it as well. The wife and I both got one for Christmas from work and we had ham at Christmas. I have been wanting to pull one out for a while. My oven will go down to 175, so I was thinking I would do that if I needed to. It is only at 145 right now though 4:45 pm, so I think I will be good.
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    Just in case...Go Low in the oven because they Cycle...At a setting of 200* the oven will spend most of the time Higher than 200* and Drying out that Bird...At 175* or 150*, even better, it will hold and should not go over 200* if it even gets that close...JJ
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    How did it turn out?
  6. Sorry, we got a little carried away last night and I forgot to post the after pics. It turned out really well. Very tender and juicy. It stalled a little toward the end and didnt finish until about 7:00 last night. At least I didnt have to worry about keeping it warm. Instead, everyone was starving by the time it finished. I only got a couple of pics as soon as it came off. I forgot to take one after it rested and got carved.


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    looks pretty good. I had a smoked turkey this year at a friends house now I want to try one for myself.
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    Looks great!
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    Love smoked turkey and yours looks awesome.
  10. Looks great!  And let's not forget the best part about smoked turkeys...the leftovers!  That is if any survives the initial stampede.
  11. It was a pretty big bird, so there was turkey sandwiches and turkey and rice all week.
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    Good looking turkey! Beautiful color!
  13. Looks delicious.  Thanks for sharing.
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    Beautiful Bird!  Good job on the wind break.  [​IMG]
  15. Great color on that bird and I'll bet it was tasty with the Kona Rub. Nice job!
  16. Thanks for all of the nice comments everyone !
    The Kona rub was really good. Sister-in-law gave me a package with 3 different kona rubs. I am excited about trying the other 2 now.
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    How is the Buttermilk Brine?  Haven't tried that before, I assume it would work on a Chicken too right?
  18. I really like it. I am sure it would be just as good on chicken as well. It is a variation of Jeff's brine from his news letter. Here is his recipe. I only changed it up a little bit to cut back on the salt.

    Jeff's Buttermilk Brine for Poultry


    1 gallon buttermilk
    1 gallon water
    2 cups kosher salt
    6 TBS Jeff's rub recipe


    Pour buttermilk into 1 gallon pitcher. Add 1 of the cups of salt and stir until the salt is dissolved. Add the 6 tablespoons of rub and stir again until well mixed.

    Pour brine into brining container.

    Pour water into the 1 gallon pitcher and add the last cup of salt stirring until it is completely dissolved. Pour into brine container with buttermilk brine and stir both together to mix.
  19. Looks awesome, fantastic color.
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    Sorry i missed it .it looks great ,i bet it was moist too

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