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  1. So, I've done bacon. I've done Jerky. I've done all sorts of bbq and now I'm looking to do some sausage.  I have a meat grinder and food processor (From what I have seen those are 2 important tools for sausage making).  The only thing I don't have is a sausage stuffer (but I think a meat grinder can serve that purpose).

    Anyways, I want to make some sausage and I'm looking for a basic recipe to get started on and get used to the process in order to do some more advanced stuff.

    Any help would be appreciated thanks!
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    I have used a Kitchen Aid meat grinder to try and stuff sausage... I used once ground seasoned meat and the screw does not push the meat too well... I would suggest cubing the meat and seasoning it.. keep it cold overnight.. cooling the grinder parts in the freezer.. and grind and stuff all in one operation.. Just relating my experiences..

    As far as recipes go... There are many on this site...

    Others will stop by and provide their expertise... Keep us posted and take plenty of pics.. Dave
  3. I have a northern industrial 1000 watt meat grinder with sausage stuffer attatchments.  It's never been used so I don't know how well or not it will work with stuffing sausage
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    For your first sausage I would try fresh sausage.

    Hot or mild Italian sausage would be where I would start.

    You don't even have to put it in casings.

    We usually do half in casings & half as patties.
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    You will learn quickly that if you are making sausage very often or with bigger batches you will be buying a stuffer for sure. The grinder works as a stuffer but it really stinks doing it that way if you are doing more than a small batch. Good luck.
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    Just be careful it is addictive [​IMG]
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    + Fresh Sausage you do not have to cure....and those little patties are real good...Sounds like you have a good grinder and if it is you want need a stuffer...Got a pic of it ?
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    Have fun with your new addiction, But after the first large batch you'll be buying a dedicated stuffer
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    I would be careful grinding and stuffing at the same time.  Most of us like to grind, season, add a bit of cold water, mix to a "sticky" consistency, cool and then stuff.  Grinding generates a lot of heat in the meat, you get bits of sinew to clog up the plate, you don't get an even mix, any number of reasons.  Not sure how much the little 5lb stuffers cost from Harbor Freight now days but you may as well buy it now.  Sausage making is like curing your own bacon.  Once you do it a couple of times you will be so happy with the results you'll quit buying the premade stuff.

    If you want to take a try at stuffing casings use a Fresh Sausage recipe like Roller mentioned.  Just keep everything real cold and either freeze or eat after making your links.  You will not need cures if making fresh sausage and if you keep it refrigerated.  The other advantage to that is if the links are not perfect you can always split them open and make patties!  It takes most of us 3 or 4 tries at filling casing before we get competent enough to show them off.

    ShooterRick has a good breakfast sausage in a Wiki somewhere that is pretty much fool proof.

    Good Luck and have fun

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    I started with a kitchenaid grinder w/stuffer attachments; it worked but was real slow and time-consuming.



    After an abnormal amount of begging and pleading I moved up to a Cabela's 1 hp. grinder:


    But, it still didn't stuff adequately, so... after more (a LOT more..) begging and pleading:


    I got the dedicated 15 lb. stuffer offered through Northern Tool!  Now... the Arsenal:


    Do I use it a lot?  Not lately as the price of meats has risen and my diet has changed; but with the latest round of strokes and further dietary restrictions I feel an even bigger need to custom tailor my diet and likewise my more advanced knowledge of sausage-making to custom blend the meats that you cannot acquire from anywhere else; keep on the lookout for more and more healthful products for us all to enjoy!  

    But, it starts out with your own equipment.  You are NOT SPENDING MONEY; you are investing in your future health and well-being as manufacturers will NOT be kind to your arteries, only to their wallets!  They can put 50% fat in sausages!  If it's going to be, it's up to me... and I'm set to make awesome foodstuffs that most people will have to give up if they rely on pre-manufactured garbage!
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    But, for starters... something good, quick and delicious!  A simple Breakfast Sausage:

    Now, if you don't have a scale yet, don't worry, I've got measuring equivalents:

    Enjoy all your endeavors and sausage-making - it's the most healthful decision you can make for both you and all of your family!  Thank you for allowing me to help!

    btw, you can adjust the amount of seasoning if it's 'too country', lol - cut it to 1/3 or ¼ oz. per pound!  Take it, enjoy it, improve it, customize it and it gives you reason to make more and more!   
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    Can you tell me where you got the snack stick tube.  I want one and don't know how to size the connection to the stuffer.  I have the 5 lb stuffer
  14. Grizzly has the 5 lb stuffer. It is only $75.00

    I believe it is the same one that northern is selling only about half the price.

    I would not use the 350 watt grinder for stuffing and i definitely would not let the sausage set up (Cure) before stuffing. That just causes undo stress on the machine.

  15. Ab

    What is the dia of the base of the tubes for the 5lb stuffer. I want to get one if the cost stays the same.

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  17. Thanx pops. I needed that info also.

  18. ooo my last post lied. I have a 1000 watt meat grinder not a 350.

    Thanks for the help! Next time I see pork on sale at Costco I'll pick some up for sure and make me some delicious delicious sausage.  I'll have to double the amount I get from now on since my standard of "take the 2 pack of pork shoulder and turn one into pulled pork and one into BBB" just won't work anymore.
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    A few weeks back, I made 30# of Italian Sausage, 20# of Breakfast Sausage and 20# of Brats.

    While you have the mess, you may as well make some sausage.

    It really helps to have another person to make sausage with. 

    Maybe you can convince a friend to help and split up the sausage.

    A case of Pork Butts at SAMS Club  is $.40/lb. cheaper than buying the 2-packs in the cooler.

    I save the pork trim from ribs & pork butts, and throw 1# in a Ziploc freezer bag.  I take it out and use it when making sausage.

    Beer-B-Q has some very good spice mixes on his web site!!

    The Brat Mix was FANTASTIC

    The Italian Sausage is Very Good.  I added extra fennel seeds, caraway seeds and red pepper.

    A good stuffer is well worth the investment. 

    Buy one with "Metal Gears" or you'll be replacing the nylon gears in the cheaper stuffer.

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