snack sticks went in at 10:00 CST with Q view

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by southensmoker, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Like it says made them last night mixed together at 9:00pm and now in the smoker at 10:00amCST


  2. Nice !

    are you running that MES from a PID system?

  3. Sure am
  4. do you think it works better then the original equipment?

    I was wondering with a PID the element is either on or off, I feel like when you set the original temp controller on a certain temp specifically a lower temp that it does not use all of the wattage to heat up,,like I never see the element actually heat up.

    So I was wondering if it would be connected to a PID and when it called for heat if the element would heat up hotter which might mean smoke at a lower temperature,

    I also hear the down fall with PID type controllers are over shoots when the controller calls for 1st heat up or a big recovery.

    can you give me an idea on your take on how it preforms set up this way?

    Sorry I am not an electrician, I hope I was able to convey my thoughts well enough for you to understand what I am asking...LOL

  5. Really not sure on the smoke at lower temps but as far as the second part of your question, my feeling is this, the OEM equipment would over shoot by a bunch also, big recovery I don't notice that, but as far the temp...  You set it and its like plus or minus 1 or two degress
  6. yeah I hear they keep a much better consistant temperature, I am eventually going to build a natural gas smoker and I am going to control it with a PID with a  ramp feature.

    Thanks for answering my questions

  7. What kind of valve are you going to use?
  8. I was thinking of using a 24v gas valve you would find on your natural gas furnace, and with elctronic igniton, or what they call an intermitten pilot
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    Getting back to the sticks, they look great so far!

  10. Thanks
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    I agree with Al - Sticks are looking good so far
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    Looking good so far. They should be done by now. Got any QVeiw?
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    Looks good 
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    finish pics yet????
  17. Tell you the truth my neighbor hit my coax cable for the internet just as I was to take them off and the wife was bit*hin about no internet so again they got to done and started to cook the fat out of them.  Not real pleased the way they turned out. 

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