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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by jimalbert, Dec 20, 2011.

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    I have a question, that I think I know the answer to, but I am relatively new to smoking so I dont want to do the wrong thing.  I had  a bunch of success with deer this year and I have a bunch of venison that I can process.  I coarse ground alot of venison with a 70% venison, 30% course ground fatty beef, becuase I generally make beef sticks and so forth.  The last two bactches of beef sticks I made came out drier than you could imagine.  I did the general instruction of starting out at 110* and upping the temp 10 * every hour after the first 4 but they were very very dry.  I buy beef sticks from a local butcher (that he makes himself, I might add), and they are never dry.  Very nice consistancy in regards to meat. I have started curing my sticks and I dont believe for a second that any butcher smokes sticks to 155*, like most people will tell you to smoke them to.  Am I right or wrong to say that when properly cured, beef sticks, or anything you smoke that is properly cured, do not need to meet an internal temperature that you find when researching such things?  I have some pics of some Summer Sausaage that I made this weekend, and will submit them as soon as I get a chance.  It turned out fantastic, and I am seriously considering not doing beef sticks and just sticking with summer sausage from now on.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. I am not a professional but I surely hope that they follow those guidelines, specially if pork is involved
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    Hey Jim, Ya need to share the recipe so we can maybe help ya out. it's not the temp that making them dry. Probably not enough fat and added liquid. Are ya using a binder like soy or nfdm?
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    I'm thinking maybe it your fat content. You say that your using ground beef right? Maybe you need to use pork instead. I use pork in my snack stick and venison summer sausages. To me it has a higher fat ratio. Maybe you need to add more ground beef then you have been? I'm guessing
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    first off I never use ground beef in any of my sticks, you have to add to many other things to keep them moist. I use venison, pork butt, and a little beef fat , and pork fat just for the added flavor. mix season and meat then stuff the skins and hang in the smoker or oven. now I start out at 110* temp and cook/ smoke for a hour fast look every15 mins. then up the temp to 125* and watch and look every 20 mins.watching for the mahagony color. vary the smoke intensity then no smoke at the end

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