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    I have a Char-Griller with SFB that I have done so many mods to that I should rebrand her with the brand (Tom’s Garage Custom). I been documenting the mods, but have one more I want to do before posting them. I’ve been Grilling/Smoking on a barrel type cooker for 40+ year and never have leftover meat from BBQ’s.

    This is my first time trying “true smoking”, so I started off with a 3.96 pound boneless butt. I figured it would take 4 to 6 hours, 8 at the most.


    9PM. Gave my butt a rub down with John Henry Texas Pig Rub, wrapped it in plastic and placed it in the frig for the night.


    2PM, Started getting ready, filled the SFB with Wal-Mart Charcoal and a very large hunk of Hickory. I used Wal-Mark Charcoal because of cost/burn time, I like lump charcoal because of the small amount of ash that it produces, but, when you compare cost/burn time Wal-mart is hard to beat. Fired up some more briquets in the chimney and added them to the SFB, filled the water pan with hot water. Woke my butt up with 4 parts apple juice/ 1 part apple cider vinegar injection and another rub down with more rub.

    3PM,   placed my butt in the smoker, smoker temp 230 SFB temp 650. In a little more than 4 hours I should be enjoying some pulled pork.

    Time for a coke.


    4PM,  Butt temp 96 smoker temp 225 SFB temp 650.

    Looking good.


    3 more hours to go, time for a beer.


    5PM, Butt temp 130 smoker temp 225 SFB temp 650.

    Sprayed some AJ/ACV on her,more beer for me.


    5:40PM temps started to drop, Smoker 200 SFB 550.

    Added dried hickory and started some charcoal in the chimney on the propane cooker

    5:50 added Charcoal

    6PM, Butt temp 145 smoker temp 220 SFB temp 675.

    Looking good, but looks like the 6 to 8 hour time frame is going to be a better estimate.


    Switching to a better beer.


    7PM, Butt temp 154 smoker temp 230 SFB temp 700.

    Looking nice, but the temp rise is slowing down; I think I need another Amberbock


    8PM, Butt temp 158 smoker temp 230 SFB temp 670.

    Temp rise is really slowing down, 


    I need something stronger, this will do.


    9PM, Butt temp 162 smoker temp 250 SFB temp 750.

    6 hours gone, 8 hours I can handle that, one more OE.


    10PM, Butt temp 166 smoker temp 240 SFB temp 700.

    Ok I hit the plateau, patience grasshopper.


    Time for something harder!


    11PM, Butt temp 174 smoker temp 235 SFB temp 700.

    Slow is good, right? I’ll take another Mike’s


    11:40 Added hot Charcoal

    12AM, Butt temp 184 smoker temp 245 SFB temp 700.

    Looks like were over the plateau.


    9 hour on a 3.96 pounds butt, this is crazy! Give me a Rum and Coke.


    1AM, Butt temp 190 smoker temp 245 SFB temp 700.

    10 Hours!!!


    At this point forget the Coke just give me the Rum.


    2AM, Butt temp 200 smoker temp 252 SFB temp 700.

    Ok off the smoker, 2 layers of foil, wrapped in a towel and in the cooler.


    3AM Started pulling, The Bark is dry, but the meat is juicy and is falling apart.


    3:15 Ok the bark is dry but has great taste, meat is juicy but lacks flavor.


    3:17 Added some bbq sauce, it’s amazing what a good sauce will do.


    YouTube Video

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    [​IMG]     Glad to have you with us!

    The PP looks excellent, perfect late night snack!
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    [​IMG]   That pork looks awesome!
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    Welcome and thats a butt for you...My first one  like to have run me nuts.. And up all night also...many beers...
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    Man i love the  way you  cook... [​IMG][​IMG]
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