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  1. just wanted to let anyone know that would be interested I picked one of these up on e-bay and it is 68.00 for shipping and I got mine for $4.00. some of the guys are getting them for .99 cents if nobody bids. I put mine up and it is nice, a few real small dings you cant hardley notice. and I see he has the bigger one now for $59.00 . might get me one of those to. I didnt look around at them but I thought this was a good deal. he is running about 8 right now on auction and all start at .99 exept the big one. If I get more I will make the wife real happy[​IMG]
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    I couldn't find them on eBay ... perhaps you could post the link?
  3. I am not that great on these computers yet but I went to e-bay and put in smokey mountain gas smokers in the search and all the guys auctions for these came up. if you try that and still have a problem let me know and I will get someone to help me with the link. but you should get them right away in search.
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    Not too bad of a deal. It is the smaller version of the 3405 series. I picked up mine (a 3405 BGW) and a few for others for $50 at the Joplin CFM distributor. Sometimes hard to get them, and like yours they usually have some damage. But still a pretty good deal to buy it and have it shipped to your door for under $75.
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    I asked them if local pickup is an option, and they said it is not. They obviously plan on making money on the shipping and not the actual sale.

    Their feedback spooked me too. Several people who thought that "small dings" were a bit understated.

    Ask questions and request additional photos of the actual unit you would get. If they won't do that, be prepared to get a unit that is rough.
  6. kew_el_steve

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    That's the way that I got my 3405BGW. They won't give you pix of the actual unit because they never take it out of the box. He gets them from Walmart. They are all leftovers for model change-over or the box is dinged. Mine had some small dents in it, but I took a piece of 2x4 and a rubber mallet and made it almost like new...for a fabulous price. I'd do it again.
  7. like I said , mine had a few small dings that hardley could be noticed and for the price I dont think you could go wrong. I imagine seeing that he dont take them out of the boxes , some are better than others. but thats a knockoff if most are like mine of about 30 bucks a dent. I will take a few dents for that. just a nice way for someone to get one if the moneys tight.

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