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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by texasslowsmoker, Jun 23, 2015.

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    I currently have a small (really small) offset smoker. It's made from 14" pipe that is 5/8 thick. The fire box is 12" and the smoker chamber is 24". The smoke stack exits the end of the pit on the side, and is 2 1/2" in diameter and extends up ariund 18" I was recently given an old air compressor tank and am contemplating installing the air tank on the smoke stack of my offset to expand my cooking area.
    My questions are as follows:

    What size smoke stack should I connect the two chambers with?

    Would I still be able to build my fire in the fire box and utilize both cooking areas?

    What temperature difference should I expect between the chambers?

    What are some pros and cons of a smoker like this?
  2. texasslowsmoker

    texasslowsmoker Fire Starter

    The air tank is a 25 gallon, and after reading more and watching some videos, I may just make a wsm type smoker. I'm really torn......

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