Sliced Red Potato Chessy Layer Bake

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  1. Ingredients

    5-10 Red potatoes 

    3 Sweet Red Onions (Optional) 

    Mild Cheddar Cheese 

    2 Sticks of Butter

    1 Cup of Bacon bits

    1 Tbs Of Garlic Powder 

    1/2 Tbs of Crushed red pepper

    1 Tbs of Black pepper

    1/2 Tbs of Salt

    Step 1: Thinly Slice the red potatoes Along with Sweet Red onions

    Step 2: Mix Garlic Powder,Salt,Crushed Red Peppers, And Black Peppers In a bowl

    Step 3: Melts the 2 sticks of butter if you like it buttery add more :)

    Step 4: Add a lil olive oil to dish or spray with Pam

    Step 5  lay out your potatoes and the bottom lightly spring the seasonings over top along with bacon cheese and melted butter Repeat until you dish is full then toss into the oven 

    You'll want to preheat oven @ 400 cook for about 20-30min or until potatoes are fully cooked 

    This Dish is amazing i must say and hope you enjoy [​IMG]

    Backwoods Sinner BBQ iv'e got more good recipes of my own to share as well so be on the look out 
  2. hambone1950

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    That looks and sounds great. Kinda like a potato lasagna. Ooh , I'm gettin hungry! :biggrin:
  3. Looks good! Thanks for the recipe  [​IMG]
  4. jp61

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    Sounds pretty good! Thanks!
  5. driedstick

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    Sounds good, I did kinda same one but smoked them and wow!!! They were great. 

    Yours is going to be good. 

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