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  1. I had not done a batch of sausage in quite a while, so it was high time I make some. Plus I haven't posted much lately so I happened to remember to take a few pics. So here tis:

    I got about 16lbs of butt from Costco at a great price. I did half for smoked sausage and half for italian saus

    I use the same recipe that I have used since the first time I did sausage. Its the Andouille recipe out of the Marianski book. Salt, pepper, garlic and thyme and cure. 

    Some of the Andouille mixed up 

    I used a sweet italian recipe out of Marianski:

    Stuffer ready to go

    The Andouille. I am still feeling my way with stuffing. This is only my third time using the stuffer. Getting fairly consistent with caliber but I need to work on twisting them more uniform. 

    Ready for a refer sleep overnight

    Put them in the Smokin-It #2 with no smoke at 125* for 2 hours

    Then added the AMZNPS loaded with ~70% oak and 30% hickory dust (I cannot for the life of me keep the pellets lit so I use dust) and 

    bumped the temp to 140* for 1.3 hours. Then bumped it up 155* for 1.3 hours, then up to 165* for an hour and 175* for an hour then 180* until I got an IT of 156*. I checked several links and they all read 156* or slightly higher. 

    Hot off the smoker: 

    Chilled em for a few. 

    They came out wonderful. They will be great in my red beans! Sorry no pics of the Italian. IT was good too. 

    FWIW- The Marianski book is excellent "Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages" 
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    Awesome, nice smoke ! Now I gotta do more sausages cause I'm out ! Dang it !
  3. mneeley490

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    Those look great!

    Is it a big problem though, with poking holes in the casing to take the IT? I only ask because I've never made sausages with natural casings before.
  4. tropics

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    Looks great I don't worry about the links being perfect.Thanks for sharing 


  5. smokin phil

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    Looks great! I don't post much of the stuff I make because I tend to not get much comment. Oh well. More power to you!!!
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    Nice looking links and great post. [​IMG]
  7. NO problem at all. The one photo shows the link that had the prob that was in the whole time to drive the PID controller so hence the hole.

    I stick the meat probe one in one of the larger links and when it reaches 156* I use another quick read probe to check several others. As long as you haven't gotten them too hot, where you may be approaching "fat out" or otherwise rendering the fat, you won't break the skin or cause juice or fat loss dripping or any such thing. Just stick in and pull out. 
  8. Some stuff I have posted get lots of comments, some don't. I tend to go in sprees depending on the amount of and what I am smoking. I do a bunch of posting for a few weeks or so, then life and travel for work kick into overtime and I don't do much posting. I tended to post and pilfer this site a lot as I was learning the art. Though I am still learning the art (a lifelong process to be sure) I been doing a lot of the same things and haven't felt the need to post and pilfer this site much of late.

    It can also depend of the time of your post. Sometimes there are lots of folks online when or right after your post. Sometimes only a few. 
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    Dang it man that looks great !!!![​IMG]

    A full smoker is a happy smoker


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