Sausage stuffed pork loin!!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by majorlee69, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. I put on a picnic at six am which will be hitting the cooler in the next half hour or so. I never saw a plateu on this one? But the temps are right so it's coming out of the ecb sooner than expected so I'm going to take a shot at Dutch's sausage stuffed pork loin (or my verson of). Looks like I should cook it to 160?? I preped it this morning for dinner tommorow but I just can't wait to see how it turns out.
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    Typically you won't see much of a plateau on that cut.
    The Pleateau- Or...what the $^#& is going on with my thermometer!

    The Plateau is a phenomenon mostly associated with larger chunks of smoked meat. Meowey explained it as a point where the meat's collegens and connective tissues are breaking down. Apparently, this chemical process is "endothermic" meaning it actually absorbs heat to complete the reaction. Think of a "cold pak" where ya crush a barrier between 2 chemicals and it gets cold. Same thing.

    The plateau can last a short time to a couple hours, relative to the size of the hunk, and the amount of reactive material in the hunk. Resist the temptation to crank the heat... it won't go any quicker, and you'll likely burn the meat.
    An addendum...meat with little or no collegen has little or no plateau.
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    Boudain is very good stuffed in a Loin...yummy!!
  4. Q-view ....coming soon to a computer near you!!!
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    well said Rich-and ya allie & I love our Boudian!
  6. Here you go!! Just like I promised. This was by far the best picnic I've smoked. It was moist, tender, and delicious. The pork loin didn't go so well. I pulled it off at 160, wrapped it, and let it rest for an hour. It was dry and tasteless. It didn't taste bad it just didn't taste. I'll try something different next time. Taken another crack at spares monday.
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    looks good wish i was there.

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