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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to share my day with you all. I am going to update this off and on all day. A friend of mine asked me to smoke a couple pork butts for her Christmas party and I agreed, she is paying me with a pork butt for myself, cookies and whiskey. LOL Since she brought me 2 2packs of meat from Sam's Club totalling 35lbs! I mixed up some rub following BBQ Pit Boys recipe and adjusted it for 40lbs of meat.

    I am shooting for an internal temp of 195-205'ish. I am using Pecan Chips to smoke them. Anyways, here are the first of what should be many pictures...


    Rested in fridge for 18 hours...

    7:15am, into the smoker with you...

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  2. It should be good. For pulled pork you need to shoot for 200°-205°. 


    Happy smoken.

  3. Ok, thank you. I packed as much as I could in the chip tray so I should get a good 2.5-3 hours of smoke before I have to open the door to refill the tray. Just gonna let them do their thing.
  4. Reloaded smoke box with more wood at 12:15, refilled water pan and checked temp, 145 on each. Long way to go...

  5. crazymoon

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    It will be a long day, good thing you have the whiskey ! [​IMG]  Are you foiling ?
  6. Nice, keep us posted

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    Looking good. Better throw some snacks in there or that smell will drive you crazy. haha....
  8. LOL I have other things I have been doing, been working on packaging my deer up, ended with 47lbs of ground. Now have to package up the muscle meat i set aside for jerky.
    Nope, she hasnt delivered the cookies and whiskey yet. Drank the last of the whiskey I had last night and the rest of that bottle went into the first batch of deer jerky. No, I dont think I am going to wrap with foil, I have plenty of time, if it takes til 10pm to reach temp it takes til 10pm. I have no plans til 6am monday when I have to be at work. LOL
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  10. This is killing me, the meat has been at 165 since about 3 and wont go any higher!

    9 hours of smoking below, smoker is staying right between 225-250. Wind picks up and the temp drops, wind dies down again and the temp rises. LOL

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    Foil the beasts, helps them cook faster.
  12. Wrap them completely in foil or just make tents over them? Im not concerned with time, when they are done they are getting cooled a bit, pulled and then fridged. They are for a friend of mine for her work XMas party on Thursday, not like I have hungry people waiting for it tonight.
  13. beefy bill

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    Wrapping them up will push them through the stall faster..
  14. They are FINALLY done. Only took a little over 14 hours. Some people say they are chared on the outside, some people call it bark, I call it "getting mixed into pull for flavor!" It temped at 204, close enough. Bones pulled out clean and I did a rough pull for her. She can finish pulling it when she heats them back up in the slow cooker Thursday.

    Look at that smoke penetration...

    Clean bones, no more dogs in the family so into the garbage they go...

  15. beefy bill

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    Mix that right in...look good!
  16. I pulled a white package from the freezer today marked bone in pork roast 1/11 Which I presume means I wrapped back in January 2011. Anyhow I sprinkled it with salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning and put it still hard frozen in the oven at 325°F for about 5 hours. Then I put some potatoes in with it  and when they were soft enough to shove a fork into I cooked some green beans. Don't let anyone tell you that 4 years in the freezer is too long. Just don't allow that meat to thaw before it hits the oven. It was very fine.
  17. Looks tasty to me  good job

  18. tzem143

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    Nice work! Looks great. Was it hard keeping smoker at temp with two butts in?

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