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Discussion in 'Pork' started by sqwib, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. sqwib

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    Hey guys, I'm working on a page for my website and was looking for proper terms of a trimmed rib.

    Please look at the photo and let me know.

  2. you mean skirt and rib tips aren't proper names?
  3. As in trimmed St Louis Style? That's what the pic looks like to me.
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    From the looks of the only term I can help with is RAW [​IMG]

    I found this a few days ago while searching the topic myself. I don't know if its correct or not.

    There are three parts of the full spare rib rack. The pork rib section is what we are most interested in, but we will discuss the other two parts as well. These parts consist of the skirt (or skirt meat), or the flap that sits in the middle of the rack on the back side.
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    Sqwib, you might PM Pops, he would probably be able to help with any meat terminology you need!
  6. Great answer DirtSailor, now that you have said, I read that as well. 

    Dave, you are probably right.
  7. roller

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    Looks like St. Louis style to me..
  8. cliffcarter

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    From left to right-rib tips, skirt meat(or flap meat- sometimes called the "deckle", don't ask me why) and brisket bone(sternum).
  9. sqwib

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    do you mean from right to left?
  10. sqwib

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    the top piece is not from the skirt.

    heres a pic uncut

  11. sqwib

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    I'm aware of the Skirt and Ribs and the St. Louis cut, just not the cartilage looking piece between the rack of ribs and that large flap of meat.

    I thought that piece was the rib tips?
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  12. sqwib

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    is the item named sternum actually the rib tips?
  13. kathrynn

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    what about sending Pops a pm....get him in on it.

  14. dirtsailor2003

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    I wish I knew. I can't find the web page where I found the quote I posted. I copied it and pasted it into note on my phone! I'll be watching to see If anyone can id all the parts!
  15. The item you have named "sternum" is actually the rib tips or brisket (that strip of meat you don't have a name for above the sternum is usually not attached).

    The piece you have named sternum  EDITED cause I messed up, you named Rib Tips is just a flap of meat that I could not find a name for but the description stated it's usually removed for grinding or I found one that left it on, but trimmed to "square it up".
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  16. oldschoolbbq

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    Squib... I was taught  the flap at top of pitcture is  the Skirt , the next part (just above the St.L style Ribs) is the Chine bones and the part at the end is the Rib Tip
  17. sqwib

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    pm sent

    The piece on the right is to square it  up, wonder if theres a name for this or its just considered part of the ribs.

    Theres also a part called a button (not shown), that is removed from the meatside of the rib, not sure if that has a technical name or not.

    So that top piece that looks like skirt, has me confused
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  18. sqwib

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    heres a closer look at that piece.

  19. From the site I was looking at the Skirt is Flap (a.k.a.  skirt, a.k.a.  Chef's Bonus).  There is a flap of chewy meat from the diaphragm on the concave side of the spareribs and St. Louis cuts from the head end of the slab. Many cooks remove it and cook it as a snack, toss it in with the tips, or grind it into sausage.

    Chine.  The backbone or spine. Sometimes refers to a split backbone, and sometimes refers to backbone still attached to baby back rib  slabs and rib roasts. Many people think the chine is the breastbone, but they are on the wrong side of the animal. The confusion is probably because the keel of a boat is often called the chine, and the breast is often called the keel of an animal. But the keel of a boat is analagous to the backbone in that all the ribs are attached to it. In any case, the chine is the spine and not the breast.

    St. Louis cut ribs  (a.k.a.  SLC a.k.a.  barbecue cut,a.k.a.  Kansas City cut).  Take a slab of spareribs, lop off the gristly rib tips (in the picture above, they are along the bottom), and what remains is a flat rectangular slab called the St. Louis cut (in the picture above, the SLC is at the top) and a flap of meat that is usually removed and set aside for grinding.
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